Rodrigo De Paul’s emotional words for Lionel Messi: ‘It’s a show of love and affection for the team’

Messi’s move moved DePaul

Argentina made history in their heyday in La Paz, recording their biggest away win in South American qualifiers against Bolivia thanks to goals from Enzo Fernandez, Nicolas Tagliafico and Nicolas Fernandez. There is another equally important fact: Lionel Scaloni leads a team without ace Lionel Messi.

La Pulga felt unwell during a stunning free-kick victory over Ecuador at the Estadio Monument and was ultimately unable to face Gustavo Costas’ side. Despite the toll on his body, the Albiceleste skipper stayed with the team to provide support during the difficult stops.

It has been made clear that this move is taken seriously by the Group Rodrigo DePaul. “He is an absolute leader. To me, this is an example of love, affection for a group, and the connection that exists between us all.. Finally, after he had a great game (against Ecuador) and gave us the three points with this goal, He could have gone away and enjoyed his son’s birthday. We already knew, more or less, that he was going to have a hard time playing, but he decided to be here. So I’m always grateful to him and the team. That’s why we give everything on the pitch. ” said the Atletico Madrid midfielder, noting that September 11 last year was Mateo Messi’s eighth birthday.

Rodrigo De Paul against Bolivia (AP)
Rodrigo De Paul against Bolivia (AP)

A few minutes later, the man emerging from the racing quarry continued the same route, adding in the mixed zone that the commitment was “a good test for him to know the team and that he also knew, although when he was there, It’s almost impossible” instead of “it depends on what he does, there are other tools, and there’s a team without him, at some point, when he feels it, he’s going to be able to save what he has Join us and we will respond.”

“I know it’s difficult. He wanted to give it a try and this is a great example. He came with us so he could be with his family and celebrate his son’s birthday. He has fulfilled those three points He gave us. Knowing it was difficult, he traveled, he accompanied us, he was with us and we did the same preparation before the game, the same ritual. We prepare it knowing that everyone has to take more responsibility and that we cannot rely on it and all its magic and everything it represents,” concluded the bastion of the middle ground of the Scaloni era.

Finally, De Paul analyzed the game in which Hernando Siles broke the score: “I was encouraged to face the center because I saw the gap and luckily the game ended with a goal because Fidio gave En A huge assist. In this team, all the midfielders can reach the penalty area, just like the forwards can reach out and shoot.”

Argentina will play again during FIFA dates in October. They will face Paraguay at the Estadio Monument on Thursday 12th, who started their trip with a draw. Then, on Tuesday the 17th, they travel to Lima to face Peru (one point from two games).

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