Rolling aluminum foil around your feet: why more and more people are doing it

Rolling aluminum foil around your feet: why more and more people are doing it

The feet are one of the most vulnerable parts to injury The effort we put into our bodies. Brisk walking, standing for hours, and most importantly, wearing less comfortable shoes can affect blood circulation in the area.

To relax and take care of this essential part of the body, there are Techniques that more and more people are following We can do it at home without spending extra euros.

We usually use aluminum foil Keeping food in the kitchen, but this product has many uses. If you use it on your feet, amazing things will happen.

Aluminum foil is one of the products We should never be without them in our pantries, because it is very versatile and we can use it for different purposes. For example, the most common one is the preservation of food: wrapping it helps it last longer and prevents odors from spreading through the refrigerator. Like onions and garlic, these things are not to everyone’s taste. Everyone, but they’re pretty basic in the kitchen.

But aluminum foil can also be used to improve Other aspects of daily life, and one of the most surprising is inherent in our feet. Wrapping them completely brings incredible benefits: this is a trick that many people already use and we would like to illustrate today. It’s so easy to do and will give you a huge sigh of relief. Here’s why.

What would happen if we wrapped our feet in aluminum foil?

Sometimes we feel pain or We had a bad cold that didn’t go away. The solution lies in this roll of aluminum foil. Just wrap the ends tightly with aluminum foil: in the first case, wrap the painful joint and wear the bandage all night while sleeping, for at least 7 nights.

In the second case, After wrapping it in aluminum foil, We leave them like this for about an hour, then unpack and let our limbs breathe: after a few days of this treatment, the cold will become a distant memory.

Other uses of aluminum foil

But that’s not all, because we can still Make an emergency funnel from aluminum foil If we don’t have one at home and need to pour liquid: just make a kind of cone and cut the narrowest part and we will soon have a tool for it.

Too Great product for sharpening scissors: Just cut it into strips and the blade will instantly work better. Finally, there is a beauty trick: if we feel tired on our eyes and face, we can use aluminum foil to solve it. We had to put some aluminum foil in the refrigerator for a few hours, then take it out and put it on our cheeks and eyelids to feel instant relief.

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