Runarrini dock afaf in meeting del sol and in strafosone in massa

Runrini doc afaaf unstoppable on all fronts. Various Tuscan CSI titles of specialties, forums and locations have been announced recently at Meeting del Sol. Filippo Fico came close to the podium among the boys in this race, finishing 4th in the 600m with a time of 1’57”. Followed by coach Vittoria Berteloni, the athlete is credited with a regional title for the CSI road racing categories. Teammate Matteo Gheorghe Negu is 5th (2’00″6). The latter occupies a similar position in the Meeting del Sol at a height of 1.15 metres. Among girls, Angelica Mussi is at 12th position.

There are still valuable decisions in the Corilunigiana Trophy on the occasion of Strafosone with the youth and masters last weekend. Here are the verdicts. CAT AM (2017–14): 5) Gabriele Lombardi 6) Luca Lazzarotti; 1) Sarah Fregosi 2) Anna Delia Negu 7) Sofia Pitanti Copede; Cat. B1N1: 4) Federico Francini 6) Francesco Lazzarotti 7) Elia Francini 8) Samuel Di Maio; 4) Matilde Della Bianchina 5) Emma Barsanti 8) Gaia Adele Copede 9) Alessia Lombardi 10) Elisabetta Liberatori; B2n2: 2) Emanuele Liberati 1) Linda Della Bona. Tiziana Pizzi (6th P), Andrea Della Bona (6th E), Carmelo Riggio (8th E), Simone Fregosi (28th E), Emiliano Liberatori (15th F), Romano Bicchi (8th G) were highly praised.

Next appointment tonight at the ‘Through the Walls’ race in Massa (registration is free and you can join up to 20 people before the start) iThe first Trophy Under the Stars organized by AFAF, in conjunction with the National Kermes, which will feature all the youth sports realities of the region.

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