Ryan Reynolds wishes Sandra Bullock a happy birthday by joking about nude scene

To his jokes Ryan Reynolds he got used to it. The actor often likes to make fun of his wife Blake Lively and his Instagram friends with irreverent posts and embarrassing videos.

The last one to “pay for it” was Sandra Bullock. “Happy birthday to the inimitable and gorgeous Sandra Bullock! For your birthday this year, I hired our sex coordinators. And the HR department. What about clothes? he joked. All this while commenting on a scene from his film blackmail love.

Ryan Reynolds joked about the nude scene in The Proposal

Sandra Bullock (PHOTO) on Wednesday, July 26, turned 59 years old.

For the occasion, Ryan Reynolds shared a clip from Instagram to Instagram. romantic comedy blackmail lovewhere do you see nude scene much was discussed at the time. In the scene in question, Margaret (Sandra Bullock) slips while reaching for a towel after a shower. As he falls, he ends up on top of Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), who is also completely naked because he just got back from a run.

Bullock talked about it during Podcast about last night with Adam Ray in 2021, praising her co-star for his camaraderie during filming and for making her feel safe.

The story of Sandra Bullock

“Ryan and I have known each other since we were very young,” she said. “We were supposed to shoot a nude scene that day, and Ann Fletcher, our director, was just incredible. Ryan and I, the makeup artist and hairdresser stylist flesh-colored spots on my genitals and I had hair covering my chest.” The embarrassment, however, did not go away. “Don’t look down,” “Don’t look down,” the actress told herself. Despite all this, Reynolds remained impassive.

Bullock then said that in his career he has always accepted and will always accept only funny nude scenes. “You will never see me trying to be sexy naked, in person or on screen. This is the reason why I decided to film the scene for blackmail love: I was with a friend I trusted, I felt safe, it was all a lot of fun.”

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