Sabalenka beats Qin Wen, reasserts supremacy

She is the first player since Serena Williams in 2016 to reach the penultimate round of the Big Four in the same year.Ranked No. 1 in the world at the opening on Monday

Five days after the premiere, No. 1 in the world, guaranteed after defeat Iga Swatek against in the round of 16 JelenaOstapenko, ArenaSabalenka Continuing his mission at the US Open, he reached the semifinals for the third straight year after beating his opponent townQin Wen, 23, with 6-1 and 6-4. “I’ve got things to do in New York,” he replied at the foot of the track after the match, as he received fresh congratulations on his summit of the WTA.The 25-year-old Belarusian won her first major title in Melbourne earlier this season and is the first woman to finish in the top four of all majors in the same season since winning the title in 2016 serena williams.

Sabalenka found the balance in the game. No longer forced to raise on every ball, she used her quality, which stemmed from her serve, which won 88 per cent of her first-round matches yesterday. He hit 17 game winners and committed just 12 turnovers. She suffered media harassment at Roland Garros, at least temporarily, thanks to the support of the country’s president, and she was calm, happy, safe, Alexander Lukashenkoarrive vladimir putin Invading Ukraine, he knew he could spark profound change among the tennis elite.

Swatek wore the best number for 75 consecutive weeks, her dominance waning as she continued to make arguments to cement her lead. coconutgoffThe 19-year-old, who recently won a championship in Cincinnati, is another plus in this change.american will star carolineMuchova The first semi-final.Sabalenka awaits opponent for match Von Drusova and key.

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