Sky, films released September 2023: the best, list

Rome, September 6, 2023 – September. Sky It will be especially rich in very interesting film releases that will satisfy the tastes of many subscribers of the service. Let’s take a look at the unmissable movies in the pay-per-view in the coming days and the stories related to them together. Movies, we remind you, will also be available for viewing on the platform. NOW.

Tar — from September 3 at Sky Cinema Due

Winner Volpi Cup 2022 He was born in Golden Globe 2023 (performed by Cate Blanchett) ‘resin’ dramatizes the life of a scandalous composer and conductor Lydia Tarfirst woman ever to lead an orchestra Berlin Philharmonic. In the film, the musician finds himself at the center of a scandal over alleged abuses of power to the detriment of some employees.

Puss in Boots 2 – September 4 at Sky Cinema Uno

Animated film nominated for an award Oscar 2023 tells the adventures of a cute character with a Spanish accent, started by the saga of “Shrek”. In this second chapter cat in boots discovers that he has used up 8 of his 9 lives, so he goes in search of a fallen star in Dark forest it can help him regain his lost existence. Unfortunately, there are several traps along the way.

Scream 4 – September 9 at Sky Cinema Uno

Let’s find Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera in this new chapter of the iconic horror saga, airing September 9th. Sam and Tara Carpentertwo girls who survived terrible events Woodsboro, move to New York to leave the past behind. Bye Tara I would just like to forget all the horror experienced in the past, Sam she fears that the killer is preparing to return. Unfortunately, Sam’s fear will soon turn into a terrifying reality.

The Killer Club – from September 11 at Sky Cinema Uno.

“Killer Club”Thriller, set in different parts of the world, tells about the adventures professional killer to his last job: the man was actually called to kill seven people scattered across different countries. There’s a problem: his victims are assassins hired to kill him.

Last night of love – From September 18 at Sky Cinema Uno

Pierfrancesco Favino he is the absolute protagonist of this metropolitan noir. Character Franco Love he is convinced that he is an honest man, being a police officer who has never shot a person in his 35-year honorary career. However, everything will change with his last night on duty.

Stranizza d’Amuri – from September 22 at Sky Cinema Due

Director’s romantic film Beppe Fiorello inspired by a true story. Nino received a moped from his parents for graduating from school, and John He returned from reform school and now works in his stepfather’s garage. After meeting, they develop a special relationship, which is opposed by the inhabitants of their Sicilian village, still too attached to ancient values.

The Beast — September 25 at Sky Cinema Uno

Nate (played by Idris Elba) is a doctor and widower who takes his daughters to South Africa to try to reconcile with them after their mother’s tragic death. However, their safari soon turns into a real test of survival: a small family will really have to face a dangerous lion that will come out on their trail.

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