Salma Hayek and the blasphemous scene in the church. Why is this needed and what does it reveal to us

Entering a church during a wedding after swallowing a whole bottle of laxative.and then break into the building to let go there, between spouses and believers and a few meters from the priest. A scene like this is impossible to forget, and it’s understandable why Salma Hayekwho was the main character (halfway with Annie Murphy), said she was very concerned about the subsequent reaction. One thing is for sure: the sequence that is inside the episode. Joan is terrible which opens the sixth season Black mirror you don’t forget it, just as you don’t forget what happens in the rest of the episode. Terrible and fun.

Horrible Joan Moments You Can’t Forget: Video

Your life is being manipulated

It has been variously written that for many years Black mirrordystopian series Charlie Brooker about the traumatic relationship between humans and technology, falls short of the once-in-a-lifetime first two seasons. It was a real shock, they caused controversy, outrage, cynical fun. But Black mirror he still knows how to apply masterful touches, and this applies to at least two episodes from last season: Overseas about two lonely astronauts in deep space who, in order to feel less homesick, can use their Earth clone bodies to return home briefly. When one of the family members is killed, another pityingly decides to lend him his clone to return to Earth with the creditor’s wife and son. In the game of personality manipulation and destructive jealousy, anything can happen. Another for sure Joan is terriblewhere Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy beat each other up, displaying the same manipulated personality.

Slaughter game

IN Joan is terrible it happens that a manager who cynically fires colleagues sees his life is shown on television gesture by gesture, word by word, with the famous alter ego (Hayek instead of Annie Murphy playing an ordinary woman) and with all the extreme situations. Intrigues to eliminate a colleague, sentimental misadventures, private missteps and unspeakable vices broadcast on a channel called Streamberry, which is similar in every way to Netflix which is broadcast Black mirror. To the terrible scene the church was used as a latrine which causes both the pilloried woman and Salma Hayek, who plays herself playing another named Trixie, to revolt. A cruel and fun Chinese box game. On how artificial intelligence can manipulate the data we provide every time we use an online service, chew them and spit them out until they destroy our lives. And yes, this episode Joan is terrible you will never forget it, thanks also to the courage with which Hayek gave herself to this extreme role. Ah, good old satire. British.

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