San Marino welcomes new captains. Troina and Tamagnini nominated

Filippo Tamagnini and Gaetano Troina are the new captain regents of San Marino. Yesterday there were elections to the Grand General Council. Work resumes in the afternoon after 17:00, as agreed, solely to continue the election of new heads of state appointed respectively by the Christian Democratic Party of San Marino and Domani Motus Liberi. Tamagnini and Troina will serve for the term from the first day of October to the first day of April next year. Therefore, at the opening of the meeting, the current captain-regents Alessandro Scarano and Adele Tonini invite the members of the council to follow them in the procession for the rite of propitiation. The Secretary of State for the Interior, Gian Nicola Berti, announces from the Palazzo Publico the captains-regents for the next semester. A military band lined up in Piazza della Libertà under the direction of maestro Stefano Gatta performed the national anthem. For Filippo Tamagnini, 51, a civil engineering graduate from the University of Bologna and in charge of roads, land reclamation and the public green sector of the Public Works Company, this will be his second time in the Supreme Court. Since 2000 he has been a member of the DC, from 2003 to 2008 he was a member of the Council of Castello di Serravalle, and in 2008 he was elected to the Council for the first time. He lives in Falciano and, as already mentioned, served as Captain Regent from April to October 2011, together with Maria Luisa Berti. For the first time in the Higher Judicial System, Gaetano Troina, 36 years old, with a higher legal education. A lawyer and notary, he was interested in politics until in 2018, with a group of friends, he founded the Domani Motus Liberi party, with which he stood in the 2019 elections and joined the Grand and General Council of the current legislature.

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