Scape Introduces New At-Home Body Remedy: Lymphatic Drainage

Believe it or not, it is very important to find alternatives to help us get rid of all the fluids that normally stay in the body due to different situations. All to help the body feel easier and we can have a happy life. Whether you choose to eat better or have lymphatic drainage to help you in the process…

For this reason, Scape, the first 100% Mexican at-home massage and facial app, took on the task of adding a new alternative that might be ideal for those days when you’re feeling really heavy. This is the official launch of its new body treatment: Lymphatic Drainage Massage,
Already available on the platform. Always committed to meeting the needs of its customers, Scape has developed a new lymphatic drainage massage technique that helps eliminate fluid, improve skin visibility and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Of course, if you want to better understand how this massage works, it is a technique and movements used in this treatment to activate circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system responsible for flushing out toxins.By flushing out toxins and eliminating fluids, it improves
Skin appearance, combating the appearance of cellulite. Another function of this system is to keep the immune system healthy, so another benefit of treatment is that it can improve the defense system’s response to bacteria, viruses or other substances that threaten the body.

In addition, thanks to its smooth and light rhythm, it works on the nervous system, producing a relaxing effect and fighting stress. It calms pain, reduces inflammation and enhances healing. From the moment the massage begins, the body works complete wonders, so it’s a well-deserved detox that frees you from all the bad stuff.

Since using quality products is essential to reap the huge benefits, what could be better than a unique massage technique with ingredients like caffeine and seaweed in Comfort Zone products? These products will help reduce the most visible cellulite imperfections by improving microcirculation and reshaping the skin. Contours due to its shrinking effect.

Now, all of this also includes exfoliation to help instantly and thoroughly renew and nourish skin, working deep into body tissues for firmer, firmer, smoother and visually brighter skin.Recommended for dry skin
Go to the beach or an event, or before restoration therapy. For more information on Scape Massage, click here.

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