Scream 6, Courtney Cox comments on the return of Hayden Panettiere in the franchise!


In addition to being one of the iconic faces of Friends, Courtney Cox he is the only star of the Scream franchise to stay until the sixth installment. The actress talked about the return of Kirby, a character played by Hayden Panettiere, remaining quite impressed with her presence in the film.

The actress was convinced, in fact, that Kirby had died in one of the previous chapters. From her statements, she seems quite confused both about the story and the many departures that have occurred during the many films of the Scream franchise. “I thought she was dead! I’m so confusedCox said. “There have been so many… it’s so interesting how people have come back. I have to remember” he joked. His character is the only one left, from the original cast, in the whole franchise.

In addition to talking about this, Cox commented on Neve Campbell’s farewell to Scream apparently linked to economic and wage issues. Before her, in fact, David Arquette, who died during the fifth Scream film, had left due to the need for a plot. To collect his “legacy” in this sixth chapter will be Dermot Mulroney. The story will revolve around the Carpenter sisters who move to New York City. Despite this, the terror of Ghostface has no intention of abandoning them.

Meanwhile Demi Lovato presented the Scream 6 theme song on Twitter in a very particular way. What do you think? Tell us about it in the comments!

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