Sea lions infected with bird flu: ‘The sea lion population will suffer a lot’

Sea lion deaths from bird flu continue to rise off Buenos Aires coast causing great concern and uncertainty about the future of the species.

We are conducting an investigation by the Foundation Ports of dead animals throughout the water mirror. Whether it’s the breakwater, base beach, sailing, or even the neighborhood and the other side of the beach,” he commented. Juan Lorenzani, Head of Fauna Argentina with Mar del Plata.

So far, “between sea lions present in the port and at different beaches or resorts, As of yesterday, we counted 98 dead animals. Infected animals are difficult to discern visually, except in symptomatic animals.. You only realize when the symptoms show up or they go to the beach very depressed, then you know the disease has progressed,” he said.

Likewise, he stressed, “the virus is probably present in all the samples, so that’s where the fear and the questions come from. Can wolves be wiped out?I particularly think not, it’s like another disease that can occur in many animal species.phosphorusOr in general, a fraction dies, while samples that are able to acquire resistance or are already stronger survive.

so that “The colonies will suffer greatly Because in Mar del Plata, we’ve counted 98, plus the large population of Necochea, which is practically the same population. Yes, there have been massive animal deaths,” he declared.

Regarding the spread of bird flu, he said: “We don’t know how long this will take, hopefully as little as possible. In the meantime, we remain vigilant and tell people the most important thing right now is that if they see a sea lion, they know how to behave. “

“To anyone who is likely to bring a pet to the beach, the advice is simple, Do not approach them, do not force them to return to the sea, do not throw water at them, so as not to cause any inconvenience.If you bring a pet, keep it on a leash This way they also do not come into contact with affected animals,” he concluded.

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