Selena Gomez disease, what is it and how is it today?

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Selena Gomez disease. The haters continue to target her, highlighting the changes in her body. Then Selena Gomez, in a direct on TikTok, explained that she when she takes the drugs “holds a lot of liquidsand that’s why appears more ‘bloated’ compared to other periods:

“I prefer to be healthy and take care of myself. My medications are important and I hope they help me.”

Selena Gomez disease

In 2015 the pop star Selena Gomez had publicly declared that she was suffering from a rare disease, the lupus. Two years later, with a post on instagram, she revealed to her followers that due to the disease she had to undergo a kidney transplant.

Systemic lupus erythematosus it is an autoimmune disease. Instead of protecting and defending the body, the immune system attacks it, causing inflammation and organ damage. StIt is a chronic disease: its symptoms last for life.

Symptoms of lupus

Since the attack is not directed towards specific organs, but towards different tissues each time, lupus is defined as a systemic disease.

This implies that the clinical manifestations e symptoms may be different:

  • Interested in the skin in most patients, with the appearance of symptoms such as typical purplish marks (lupus erythematosus) on the skin on the sides of the nose and under the eyes, similar to the bite of a wolf (that’s why it’s called lupus), but also other parts of the body and particularly those exposed to light;
  • joint involvement with inflammatory arthritis is also frequent;
  • it can affect the haematopoietic system, i.e. the set of organs and tissues in which the production of red and white blood cells and platelets takes place, causing haemolytic anemia and a lack of white blood cells or platelets;
  • lupus can also involve the central nervous systemcausing stroke, epilepsy and transient ischemia;
  • it can affect the cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of heart attack, especially in women;
  • other symptomatic manifestations of lupus can instead affect the lung, causing pleurisy with effusion or inflammation of the lung tissue, which on radiological examination can appear as pneumonia;
  • hits the joints. (source:

What can lupus be caused by?

In individuals genetically predisposed lupus can be triggered by environmental factors such as particularly strong emotional stress, trauma, an infection, taking certain medications and exposure to the sun. Hormonal variations, life stage characteristics such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause also play a significant role. (source:

Lupus treatments

Generally, treatments for systemic lupus erythematosus include corticosteroid drugs, anti-malarial drugs, and immunosuppressants. Several are also being studied at the moment biological drugs.

In any case, following the diagnosis, the specialist must evaluate the most appropriate treatment of the pathology, based on the severity with which it manifests itself, its activity and the patient’s clinical picture. (source:

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