Serena Williams’ former coach shocked by ex-boyfriend’s gun murder of nursing student in Michigan

Serena Williams’ former coach Renee Stubbs recently expressed outrage over her ex-boyfriend’s murder and subsequent suicide of a nursing student.

On October 13, nursing student Gina Bryant was kidnapped and shot in the head by her ex-boyfriend, Justin Wendling. Wendling then drove to Iowa, where he shot himself when police approached his car. Bryant’s family said she had ended an abusive relationship with Wendelin weeks before her death.

Former doubles world No. 1 Stubbs, who has been an advocate for women’s rights and social justice issues, took to X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, October 21, to share a news article about the tragic incident.

“Another rejected guy shoots a woman to death! 🤬,” she wrote in the caption.

Serena Williams’ former coach Rene Stubbs expresses anger over Hamas violence against Israel

Serena Williams' former coach at BNP Paribas WTA Singapore FinalsSerena Williams' former coach at BNP Paribas WTA Singapore Finals
Serena Williams Former coach of BNP Paribas WTA Singapore Finals

Serena Williams’ former coach Rene Stubbs has slammed Hamas for its October 7 attack on Israel.

Palestinian militant group Hamas has carried out a bold and unprecedented attack on besieged Israeli villages near the Gaza Strip. The attack took place during a Jewish holiday and killed and kidnapped many innocent people.

Hamas’s attack was coordinated with another Lebanon-based militant group, Hezbollah, which has also fired rockets into northern Israel.

According to reports, the attack caused huge losses, killing at least 250 people and injuring more than 1,500 people. It was Israel’s worst attack in years. Israel counterattacked, killing at least 232 people and injuring 1,700 people in the Gaza Strip.

Stubbs shared his strong opinions on social media, blaming religion and calling it “the worst hoax in the world” and saying the world would be better without it.

“Maybe this is an unpopular comment but can we all agree that religion is the worst scam in the world. I don’t know but if religion didn’t exist we wouldn’t have these wars! If you did believe in God , he didn’t ask you to do this!” Stubbs wrote on her Instagram Story.

Serena Williams’ former coach Rennae Stubbs on her InstagramSerena Williams’ former coach Rennae Stubbs on her Instagram
Serena Williams’ former coach Rennae Stubbs posted on Instagram

Hamas attacks triggered a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, prompting Israel to impose a total blockade and order the evacuation of more than one million people from northern Gaza. Egypt has also closed its border with Gaza, preventing aid and civilians from entering.

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