Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian brings ‘radical’ idea worth $180 million to Hollywood

Serena Williams’ husband and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, is a die-hard football fan. In 2022, I invested up to $100 million angel city football club, a start-up club that has just joined the National Women’s Soccer League. Currently, his net worth is approximately $180 million. But you know what everyone in Hollywood tells Ohanian about everyone else’s assets?extremeThoughts surrounding the world of football?

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Recently, Alexis Ohanian announced in a statement to American magazine Variety that she would be producing a women’s football reality show.Offseason.Let’s take a look at what he said during the conversation.

‘We’re already on the right path’ – Serena Williams’ husband talks about his million-dollar decision


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Angel City Football Club has a star-studded list of investors, including the tennis star himself. The team exceeded expectations in its inaugural event, from season tickets to average attendance or corporate sponsorships. But what exactly made Ohanian feel like they were on the right track with the reality series? “In 2019, I was starting an NWSL club in Los Angeles, which was a radical idea to me; by 2023, everyone in Hollywood was telling me that incubating a production company and an unscripted show like Offseason was A radical idea that makes me think we’re on the right track” Ohanian said.

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So NWSL prepares to launch its own reality show as USWNT star Mickey Perth and Alexis Ohanian present “offseason.’ Ohanian further added: “With all the most successful female-fronted reality TV shows out there, and the vision of Mickey and the execution of these acclaimed producers, everyone realizes that women’s sports have always been an obvious vehicle. Someone has to be first.

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Alexis Ohanian is an avid sports fan. He played football for nearly nine years growing up, and recently, he even purchased Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari merchandise. But do you know what influenced Serena Williams’ husband to invest in Angel City Football Club?

“A big part of it is…” – Alexis Ohanian


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Ohanian told “On Her Turf” that his daughter’s love of soccer encouraged him to invest in the team. He said, “A big part of the reason I started Angel City FC was because Olympia was running around in 2019 wearing an Alex Morgan jersey.‘Alexis Ohanian thinks women’s football is brilliant’Insufficient resources, insufficient market, undervalued, undervalued, insufficient support.

He therefore sees this as a huge business opportunity and this move will in turn help develop women’s football in the country. Ohanian recalled a conversation he had with Serena Williams during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The family sat together and watched their national team lift football’s most coveted award.


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Ohanian said: “I said to my wife: ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be great if Olympia could play for the national team one day?“Serena Williams replied,”Until she paid the price she deserved.“Alexis Ohanian then accepted the challenge. Share some more that will take you back to the moments when Alexis Ohanian openly expressed his love for sports.

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