Sevilla FC | Victor Horta, Monchi, Michael Jordan and Bulls

Paco Cepeda

Paco Cepeda
October 23, 2023

Victor Horta can start assessing his return to Sevilla. He posted some interesting thoughts in INews. First, as reported by AS, he spoke about what replacing Monchi at Sevilla means to him. “It’s like trying to replace Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls, right? Monchi is Monchi and can’t be replaced. I’m here to create something else, keep what Monchi taught me and add my own Style. When I signed my contract at Sevilla, a good friend from football, Emilio Vega, told me: “In football we never enjoy the journey.” Then I said to myself: “I want to start enjoying the journey.”

The coach provides a first-hand analysis of the legacy and limitations gained: “In terms of human resources, youth development, big data, facilities, new projects in the stadium and training ground. I found a club that didn’t stop after I left. It gives me hope to say, ‘Hey, we can break the glass ceiling.

The plan seems simple: “It’s about Buy low, sell high and try to spot talent before it reaches its highest level. Seven Europa League legacies stem from the sale of players. The first was Arsenal’s Jose Antonio Reyes, then Dani Alves and everyone else. That’s when the team started winning trophies. We need to get back to this model because it’s the model that built this club.It’s been a bit far away from this in the past few years. Trying to create another model to keep qualifying for the Champions League.That’s not very sustainable and now we’re signing players under 25 again And try to sell them in the first or second year of their success.

Of course, Sergio Ramos doesn’t fit into any of this: “Sergio wants to prove his place in Sevilla’s history isn’t just about leaving amid a controversial move to Real Madrid, but it can be considered a good thing. It’s hard to find a city in Spain with such warmth. People here don’t care what Real Madrid or Barcelona do, unlike other cities in Spain where many people use local clubs as their second team. not here. I like that and the competition (with Betis). I love the national anthem five minutes before kickoff and I love what North Gore sings the whole time. This is a very special place to experience football; “not watching football, but living football.”

On the high-level match against Arsenal, he said: “We looked special in the Europa League but weak in the Champions League.The difference is incredible. Why don’t we try to create that special feeling in the Champions League too? It’s an obsession for me and one of the reasons why scoring against Arsenal was so important. I wanted to try to replicate the feel of Sánchez-Pizjuán’s classic nightlife atmosphere. “It was very clear last season against Juventus and Manchester United how the pitch changed and the feeling in the team: ‘This is my game, you can’t touch us.'”

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