Dutch Parliament approves appointment of head of ASE Grupo Milenio

by noticing Most people violated the country’s Supreme Supervision Law, The Nuevo León state Congress on Monday approved the call for the election of a new senior state auditor for 2023-2031.

MC’s Iraís Reyes, Sandra Pámanes and Héctor García pointed out that due to the omission of some questions, the Inspection Act was violated and warned The Revolutionary Party and the National Action Party want to impose someone in their party.

“They did not give it to me 48 hours before as required by law. There is no excuse, this matter was not called a matter of urgency and the deadline for the circulation of opinions or legislative agreement cannot be waived.”

“We have very little time to analyze something so important for Nuevo León, such as choosing our auditors, and they said three hours would be enough, which is very embarrassing for me, they don’t understand what is going to happen, or they don’t know “Concern,” he asked the king.

The emecista proposed a series of modifications that, according to her, They are fun and fit the above criteriaand was fair as it was allegedly broadcast.

MC spokesperson Sandra Pámanes said This will fall into tainted funds By dealing with this issue without transparency, resolution of this issue will likely be hastened by the majority.

“We are once again faced with a completely fraudulent process by the Monitoring Board in a very important process, such as the appointment or election of who will serve as the Senior National Audit Head for the coming years (…) The PRI and PAN continue to be managed in a shady manner these institutions,” Parmanes said.

New owner will replace Jorge Galvan GonzalezAppointed on December 14, 2015, his eight-year term ended in December.

Galvan was appointed amid controversy and lack of consensus and joined the ASE 18 months later, replacing his predecessor, Sergio Marenco, died in 2014 Virus causes of influenza, pneumonia and lungs.

In addition, Galvan was also Former Gov. Jaime Rodriguez’s administration’s public accounts allegedly opaque Calderón, as well as mayors from the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the National Action Party.

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