Trisha Paytas criticized for ‘racist’ Ice Spice Halloween costume

Published: 2023-10-23T20:06:42

Updated: 2023-10-23T20:06:54

YouTube star Trisha Paytas faced backlash for dressing up as rapper Ice Spice for Halloween, but the “Deli” artist seemed to be a big fan of her costume.

Halloween is just around the corner, which means people are getting ready to celebrate the day in their favorite costumes.

From supernatural creatures to movie characters and even celebrities, people all over the world are getting ready to go out on October 31st for some good old-fashioned style.

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However, one celebrity faced major backlash over her costume choice after viewers deemed the outfit “racist”.

Trisha Paytas speaks to the camera.Trisha Paytas, YouTube

Trisha Paytas is a YouTuber who loves to dress up, as evidenced by her appearances on her past podcast Frenemies and her new show Just Trish.

Trisha Paytas Faces Criticism for Ice Spice Halloween Costume

Trisha Paytas is an OG YouTuber, podcast host, and OnlyFans creator. Paytas has been creating content for over a decade (since 2007 to be exact), and she’s seen her fair share of drama in that time.

After giving birth to her daughter Malibu Barbie (yes, that’s the girl’s real name), Paytas launched her new podcast, Just Trish, where she shares current events and hot rumors with her fellow creators.

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While fans loved the updated podcast, some weren’t too happy with her Halloween costume choice. This year, Trish will be dressing up as American rapper Ice Spice – and not everyone is here for it.

Ice Spice approves of Trisha Paytas dressing up as her for Halloween

On October 17, Trish uploaded several photos of the costume to Instagram, showing herself in a curly red wig and an all-pink outfit reminiscent of the rapper’s music video for her song “Princess Diana” with Nicki Minaj.

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Trish was initially bombarded with comments claiming the costume was “racist,” with some viewers even accusing the YouTuber of “blackface” for dressing up as a woman of color.

“White man to white man – Trisha, you can’t do this,” one user wrote.

– Ummmmm black-faced? – asked another.

However, others have since come forward to defend Trisha against these accusations, with plenty of commenters supporting her outfit following the backlash.

“I hate it when people have good intentions but don’t know what they’re talking about,” one user wrote. “This is not blackface, in fact, this is what black people demand from non-black people. Convey a person’s likeness without darkening the skin or trying to appear black.”

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Even Ice Spice herself criticized Trisha’s costume on her Instagram stories, saying that the YouTuber “ate” her outfit.

Trisha Paytas dressed up as Ice Spice.Instagram: ice spice

Looks like Ice Spice was a fan of Trisha’s costume.

However, this is not the only costume that Trisha has worn this season. Most recently, she and fellow influencer Tana Mongeau dressed up as Austin Powers fembots on the October 22 episode of the podcast.

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