Shakira and Lewis Hamilton secret vacation in Ibiza

It was said that there was a love story between singer Shakira and driver Lewis Hamilton: they appeared together at a party after the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone in mid-July, and before that they were seen together at dinner at a restaurant. and sea travel.

But then rumors spread that in fact they were no longer dating.

However, according to new information released by the Spanish show Yohora Sonsoles, the singer would rent a luxurious villa in Ibiza for vacation, where the pilot would stay overnight. “Shakira spent seven days at Villa Coco Loco, a giant and ultra-luxury villa,” said journalist Tamara Gorro: “In the evening, Lewis Hamilton, after going out to an elegant club, went home with Shakira. “

And so it seems that these two meet and how, and that their apparent distance was invented only to ward off the paparazzi. Even this hypothetical story between Hamilton and actress Eiza Gonzalez could be a misdirection: they are just friends and yes, they see each other, but it seems like nothing more.

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Officially, Shakira is still not married, after the end of a long relationship with Gerard Pique, father of her two children, Milan and Sasha Painful farewell, including due to his relationship with another woman, Clara Chia Marty, which remained underground for almost a year before becoming public. After mutual accusations and barbs, even in music, Shakira moved to Miami, and Pique remained in Spain.

And even Lewis Hamilton, for his part, will be lonely for a while. In recent years, several flirtations have been attributed to him. The most important (and talked about) story remains with Nicole Scherzinger, but he also dated Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, Winnie Harlow, Rita Ora, Rihanna and Russian model Victoria Odintsova. Who knows, friendship with Shakira or something more. We can only wait for the next events.

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