Shakira and Lewis Hamilton: the love story would have ended by now

llove story between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton it would already be over. To reveal it People psychic and astrologer El Niño Prodiggio, who told the magazine that the relationship between the 46-year-old Colombian singer and the 38-year-old British pilot was destined to remain a “beautiful friendship”. Explaining the reason for the failure in love between them.

Shakira and the

Shakira and the

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton want a baby

According to El Niño Prodiggio (leader of the horoscope column of the Spanish-language publication People) The relationship between Shakira and Hamilton reached an impasse because he wanted a child. “I’ll be honest, this man wants to be a father”, revealed the psychic, explaining that “I don’t see a big future” in their story. Also because the Colombian singer is already the mother of two children (Milan, 10 years old, and Sasha, 8 years old) from her ex, Gerdar Pique, with whom she broke up due to his betrayal.

Still associated with Piqué

If, from a sentimental point of view, according to the astrologer, nothing will work out between them, however, there is a relationship between them that can work out well: “If they join forces in business, things will go very well for them. I see abundance and luck“.

El Niño Prodiggio, talking to people in spanish he also revealed the conspiracies linking Shakira, Hamilton, Pique and Clara Chia. The singer, according to the psychic, continues to be hopelessly connected with Pique. Not only because they have two common children and a 10-year relationship, but also because out of spite and out of spite there will be many problems between them.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton. (IP)

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton: no feelings

According to the psychic, in fact, between them “there will be something in which justice will be involved”, and he “wants to change something, even move from one place to another.” I see him very close to the family.” However, between Louis Hamilton and Shakira, according to the seer, there are no feelings. “I don’t feel love here, I don’t feel he’s in love with her“, He says. And announces that the pilot “will meet another love, because I see her not alone.”

As for Pique’s new lover, Clara Chia, “she’s going to have a lot of trouble, a lot of setbacks, but it’s clear that she loves him very much.” And for this reason, “she will do everything possible to get pregnant. The spirits say that she may have to undergo surgery for something in the womb. He will have to undergo treatment.”


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