Shakira: As accusations against former artists: “Perigosos pedidos.”

Or who can’t let me blame him Shakira, especially those former functionaries of Colombian artists who found themselves “at the top” after Pique or ended with him. The latest revelations come from a motorist who confessed to the difficulties he faces on a daily basis.

One of the tasks was extremely dangerous and was related to his profession as an engineer: to manipulate the rear-view mirrors so that he would not survive.

“Shakira is fully conscious”

One of the things the translator told me was to manipulate the rearview mirrors so the driver couldn’t touch them: “Turn down or throw out the center of the car.” Contudo, he’s not the only one! The professional also criticized Tonino’s work as an artist a lot.

“Tonino listens to the passenger counter and constantly screams,” he states. “She finds herself in a situation where she is fully conscious and benevolently witnesses one of the casual situations,” he concludes. Mas ha pior! The engineer accuses Tonino of giving the company information and blaming the workers for turning on the red light. “The fault of motorists and officials is that they contact the paparazzi,” he admits, giving an example: “The instructions on the phone are clear, for example: “Shakira, you never know.”

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Text: Maria Constance Castanheira; Photos: Redes Socialis

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