Shakira, do you know her IQ? It’s very high, here’s the proof

Shakira has proven that she is capable of achieving her goals. This is why the pop star is one of the smartest in the world. She has a very high IQ!

It’s recently back in the limelight for the divorce from her husband Gerard Piqué, after the betrayal with the Spanish model Clara Chia Marti. The famous singer dedicated the song “BZRP Music Sessions # 53” to him, which is nothing more than a diss track against her ex. The song became a hit thanks to the catchphrase “You swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo”, referring to his current 22-year-old girlfriend.

shakira qi genius
Shakira, do you know her IQ? Unbelievable – Credit Instagram

However, Shakira’s musical revenge does not end there. The pop star came out with “Te quedo grande”, another song against the former footballer Gerard Piqué. The couple’s divorce caused discussion for months, even going so far as to inflame the gossip of our country, already busy with the breakup of other VIPs.

Shakira is the smartest pop star – really high IQ

Her song portrays her as a strong woman, despite her marriage failure. Despite her anger at her disappointment in love, the singer has found a brilliant way to make the wrong suffered by her ex-husband pay off economically. Indeed, the queen of Latin American music he’s really a genius.

shakira qi genius
His IQ is truly incredible: practically a genius – Credit Instagram

According to a research conducted by the Intelligence Quotient website, Shakira would be one of the smartest women in the world. American pop star may even have an intelligence equal to that of Albert Einstein, despite dealing with anything else in life, namely music.

The Intelligence Quotient site has a section dedicated to world celebrities, where they are featured 19 artists including Shakira. The pop star would have a IQ of 180bringing her back among the smartest women in the world.

Other personalities on the list include James Woods with a score of 184 and Quentin Tarantino and Matt Damon with an IQ of 160. According to the WHO, an IQ above 130 indicates a very intelligent person.

Those who have had the good fortune to work with Shakira will surely confirm how much the singer is able to study hard to achieve her goals. In short a truly exceptionally gifted woman, don’t you think?

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