Shakira launches a new attack on Pike: now she wants sole custody?

Shakira launches a new attack on Pike: now she wants sole custody?

According to journalist Javier Serian, Shakira is seriously considering asking for sole custody of her children Sasha and Milan because she is concerned about what is happening in the Pique household.

Misquoting Bud Spencer in the film Whoever finds a friend has found a treasure, we can say that the singer Shakira puts the phrase into practice: there is no bad guy more bad than a good guy when he turns bad. Because if personally her image as a woman and a partner was destroyed by her ex-partner Gerard Piqueshe does not intend to make her children experience the same pain, Sasha AND Milan. According to agreements concluded at the end of last year, the boys and their mother moved to Do you love me, leaving the summer holidays and holidays to his father. Even if Shakira wanted to put an ocean between herself and Pique, she still cares about the fact that they are her children, for whom joint custody.

Unfortunately, it was Pique’s decision to introduce his new partner that forced us to reconsider our long-held opinion. Clara Chia Marty not only to the world, but also to our children. Sasha and Milana already exist severe discomfort share your time with him and another person, but for now without much consequence. However, now the situation seems to be getting worse and Shakira is ready to take advantage of this opportunity.

Shakira about Clara: “I don’t want my children to be with this girl”

The journalist raised new noise around the relationship between Shakira and Pique Javier Serian during a TV program Irreconcilable. Apparently, Clara is still suffering from the backlash from the entire affair she and the ex-couple were involved in. He will suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and depression so much so that it needs to be monitored by a specialist. The problem is that in order to support the new partner, Gerard you neglect your children Even in those few moments together, it is unthinkable for Shakira’s mother to see them next to a person with such problems.

Pique and Clara Chia bought a house in which they live together. and continue the relationship. It happens that this girl, Clara Chia, has psychological problems, and then Shakira took advantage of this to say: “I don’t want my children to be with this girl.” The children say: “Dad sits on his cell phone all day and doesn’t even give us the ball.‘. This is reality, which is why they are bored with Pique. But Shakira doesn’t want that.

Moreover, according to journalists Lorena Vasquez AND Laura Fait seems that Piquet does not respect the established agreements leaving them in the care of third parties and without taking as much time as possible away from work and personal affairs to be with the children during the holidays.

If Gerard really wants to continue to have a healthy relationship with his children, now eight and ten, it is important that he starts changing the pace, otherwise he will lose them forever.

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