Shakira-Piqué gate, he speaks for the first time: “I want to protect my children”

After months of silence Gerard Pique speaks for the first time of the song with which Shakira told the world the end of their love story.

Little digs, double meanings, hard-nosed attacks, always with an irresistible Latin rhythm in the background. So the Colombian star “dissed” her ex-husband, with her single “Music Sessions #53”. After the release of the song, the former footballer, for a few months, decided not to comment on what happened, in order not to give rise to gossip.

But to break this penalty came theinterview released at radio program “El mon” broadcast on RAC1: «I heard the song» he confesses smiling. But her face changes expression when she talks about her children: «We have to protect them. They have to stay out of it, they are not to blame».

And still talk about responsibilitythose that two parents – despite the failure of an important marriage – they must still have on their shoulders. Why love ends but the children remain. And even if the news is now in the public square that among the many causes of the break with Shakira there is his infidelity and the new one love story with the very young Clara Marti (born in ’99), Piqué doesn’t give up on the questions that prick him. And on the choice of his ex-wife to dedicate a song to him: «Everyone makes their own decisions, choosing and evaluating according to one’s conscience. And I don’t want to delve into it. I just want my kids to be okay. I’ve always had a very close relationship with them and I just want them to be fine.”


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