Shakira returns to talk about Piqué: “I had to endure a lot”

A guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Show, Shakira returned to discuss the song against Gerard Piqué

“An anthem for all women” so Shakira he defined the catchphrase Music Sessions Vol. 53 in the last episode of the program of Late Show by Jimmy Fallon, who saw her as a special guest together with the Argentinian producer, Bizarrap.

shakira talks about piqué again

Sitting on Fallon’s now iconic sofa, the Colombian singer could not help but launch some stored “with poison” towards her ex Gerard Pique: “I had a very difficult year after my separation and I had to put up with a lot of bullshit” he explained. For Shak the creative process that led to Music Sessions Vol. 53 has had primarily a therapeutic function: “Writing this song was very important to me, a healthy way to channel my emotions“.

an anthem for all women

The success and incredible reception of the song, the singer explained again, made her understand its universal reach, of common thread that inextricably links the stories of many women and peoplescattered around the world, different from each other, but united by the same experience: “After its publication I understood that I had not only fans, but a sisterhood of women who have experienced what I have experiencedwho think what I think, who feel what I feel, who have had to endure what I have had to endure, so I wrote this song for myself but also for many other women who needed someone to represent them“.

the interview from jimmy fallon

Sitting alongside Bizarrap, Shakira explained to Jimmy Fallon all the details of the meeting with the Argentinian manufacturer and the happiness that caused her the reaction of the public and the consequent success of the song born from their artistic communion: “The reception for the piece was incredible” explained the pop star. “I’m just waiting for someone to pinch me and wake me up from this dream. It’s amazing to hear the reaction of so many people,” she concluded.

revenge 2.0 with Te quedo grande

Shakira gave the former Barcelona defender a number of decidedly unflattering verses not only with Music Sessions Vol. 53but also with TQGthat is to say Te quedo grandehis brand new catchphrase in collaboration with Karol G. “Why are you looking for me? If you know I won’t repeat my mistakes, tell your new little girl that I won’t compete for men,” reads the new song, with an obvious reference to Piqué and his new partner, Clara Chia Marti. “And now you want to come back, I thought so too. You like my photos. You seem happy with your new life, but if he knew you’re still looking for me“.

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