Sharon Stone: “After a stroke they forgot about me”

The actress spoke about the fact that there were no big roles in the cinema for her for many years: “As if only Princess Diana and I were so famous. She died, I had a stroke. And we were forgotten

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Sharon Stone said Hollywood forgot about her after she suffered a stroke in 2001. The episode that caused her to take a two-year hiatus from the acting world.

The actress returned to the topic during the event Raising our voices From Hollywood Reporter USAwhere he admitted that his career never recovered. “I haven’t had any work since then. I didn’t want to spread it, because if something goes wrong with you, you’ll be out. Something went wrong with me: I was gone for twenty years. I didn’t have any engagements. And at one point in my life, I was a huge movie star.”

Then there were several roles of Sharon Stone (see films Catwoman or Lovelace), but we are far from the glory of the 90s. “I have lost my place in the world of work. I was the sexiest movie star, you know? As if only Princess Diana and I were that famous. She died, I had a stroke. And we’ve been forgotten.”

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