She is the mother of a movie star, can you tell who the daughter is? identical

We want to invite you to take this little test: you can immediately recognize similarities between this woman and her daughter? In fact, she is the mother of a famous and beloved celebrity in the world. Over the years, this actress has managed to get various orders, both prestigious and less prestigious, and in every role she played, she showed that she was a talent born in this area.

Do you recognize this woman? She is the mother of a very famous movie star.

The woman you see in the picture is a really beautiful woman. His daughter is no different. His photo immediately went viral on the web. The woman who posted this own your famous daughter. The similarity is obvious, the smile is almost the same. Have you already figured out who it is? Now we will try to give you some hints. Many VIPs are used to sharing photos of family members on social media. People who have nothing to do with the entertainment world and prefer to stay in the background. and may your relative receive the well-deserved light due to his talent.

But when a character is liked, the fans show great curiosity. For some it’s right need to know what their life was like when they were children or did not yet have the notoriety that they enjoy today. If we love a character, we want to know everything about him. Where did he live and where does he live, does he have brothers or sisters and who are his parents.

celebrity mom
celebrity mom

Perhaps it is for this reason that the photo of this lady immediately began to circulate on the network. This famous actress, in fact, wanted to show the world her adored mother by choosing a special day for the woman. his birthday. The lady is blonde, but her daughter, at least in the past, did not have her hair color. His, in fact, was more dark red.

Even the eyes are not identical: the Hollywood actress has beautiful brown eyes. Despite chromatic differences, the similarity is quite obvious: features can say a lot. Another tip? He loves football very much and even received an official suspension last year in order to follow the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona live. It was here that he was able to make a dream come true for her, to be photographed with world champion Lionel Messi. She has always been a fan of the Argentine footballer!

The post of the famous actress went viral

Do you understand who it is? This actress has caused a lot of controversy in the past because of her love relationships. She once attended an episode of Friends as an old friend. Chandler. So he had an affair Matthew Perry. Unfortunately, the actress soon left him for a personal trainer who trained her at that time, breaking the heart of the actor of the famous TV series. Jennifer Aniston, who once played Rachel in the famous TV series, did not like all this, but she was already taking good care of her friend and colleague. Thus, it was the woman who drove many men crazy: in addition to beauty, this woman always had charm. Many have already guessed who it is. In IG, he commented on the frame as follows:

“My sweet mother”

His forte? Definitely a dazzling smile that he inherited from a lady you had the opportunity to observe: her name Betty Lou Bredemus. She is a Minneapolis woman, born back in 1934. Throughout her life, she was also an actress, but also a very good acting teacher.

At work, she met her future husband. Actually he married Walter Grady Roberts. Four children were born from their love. Whoever posted the photo when she was a little girl wanted to do a completely different job: a veterinarian. Eventually, however, she decided to study journalism, but that wasn’t the right path for her either. Now you all know who we are talking about. Betty gave birth in 967, it was her, the star that the whole world adores, Julia Roberts. Today, the charming 55-year-old actress is known all over the world.

Julia Robets and Betty, her mother
Julia Robets and Betty, her mother

Julia wanted to share with fans a sad moment for her. Unfortunately, the mother is no longer there, but in the memory of the actress on a woman’s birthday, many other memories always pop up. Star pretty Woman With her post, she touched all her fans, especially those who, like her, unfortunately, can no longer hug their parents.

Sad death of mother

Yulia’s mother passed away in 2020 when she was 80 years old. Unfortunately, the woman suffered from cancer for a long time. Julia tried to get over the pain, but every once in a while the memories resurface, and it hurts so much to deal with the sad reality of her loss. Even on Mother’s Day, Julia couldn’t help but share a snap with her mom, Betty Lou.

Julia, with a critical attitude towards those who see stereotypes in women, accompanied by the image in which she is depicted with her mother, as well as wishing Betty a happy Mother’s Day, emphasized that all women can become mothers when they want, how and especially if they want. . A feminist message that has drawn applause from her fans, but unfortunately also some criticism from those who clearly don’t think like her.

Julia Robert and her mother
Julia Robert and her mother

The actress decided to become a mother when she married cinematographer Daniel Moder in 2002. Three children were born from their union: twins Hazel Patricia and Finneus Walter, 16, and Henry Daniel, 14. Just 6 years ago, People magazine named her the most beautiful woman on the planet. But this was not the first time that Yulia was awarded this title, in fact, she received it 5 times, which became a real record. However, Julia loves records very much, since in 2000 she even became the highest paid actress in the world, receiving $ 20 million for her role. Erin Brockovich.

Julia has always shown that she has something more than just beauty. It is for this reason that many fans appreciate her, who see her as an example, a role model.

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