Shoes of the future roll on layers of foam

Cross and Delight Collaboration (finished) with Kanye West, le jeezy they are back. The successful shoe, designed by Ye and marketed by Adidas, recently reappeared in a new – and unexpected – edition, delighting fans and collectors who feared that after the break between the German brand and the American artist, they would never appear again. Among the released models, the proceeds of which will go to support associations that protect the rights of people, there are YEEZY foam runners, in particular slip-on sneakers which confirm the growing trend: le foam shoes. Decayed in various forms, from classic athletic shoes to urban slippers, the shoe’s avant-garde thus meets that ugly aesthetic it sometimes likes, creating, layer upon layer, prêt-à-porter microarchitectures that separate the toes and heels. from the street. . It is an exercise in style, comfort and proportion that defies the law of (good) design without hesitation.

Adidas Shoes Adifoam

Adifoam shoes

Speaking of design, here are the novelties. Adidas Adifoam: a special pair of sneakers that takes the form of a mesh sock protected by a bio-material cage. In fact, the upper is made from at least 50% recycled materials. Classic fit, fastened with laces.

Shoes Vans AMZN PACU


However, the all-black proposal from Vans is devoid of strings: model without lacing, shoes and skate shoes are made from a synthetic blend that guarantees maximum lightness. While the outsole is durable and resistant to urban conditions, the outer coating has holes and small cracks that promise breathability.

Merrell HydroMok


Conceived as if it were hiking sandalsMerrell’s Hydro Moc is a concentrate of technology: an outdoor shoe with an external heel ring made from the latest generation of materials. While the EVA midsole is more water resistant than comparable materials, the midsole is made from 10% algae biomass (BLOOM), which is made for long runs.

adidas adifom superstar sneakers

adifom superstar shoes

adidas adifom superstar sneakers

Adidas is reinterpreting one of its bestsellers with a no-lace, all-foam version. Non-slip silhouette of new models. Adifoam SuperstarIt is therefore reliable and efficient: this version is made from a material derived in part from sugar cane. metaversian the most classic lacing, marked on the side with a triple line.

Kitowares Fossil X Jaguar Jag Foam Runner Sneakers

Fossil X Jaguar Jag foam sneakers

Kitowares Fossil X Jaguar Jag Foam Runner Sneakers

Finally, even more futuristic are Fossil X Jaguar Jag foam sneakers: halfway between collectibles, art, fashion and provocation, whimsical shoes from Kitoware products are inspired by the features of a real jaguar skull. Made from Fossil-X, a unique compound that has been trademarked by the brand, these shoes are the kind of shoe you don’t expect. Ribbed but very comfortable.

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