SAMEC handles over 200 medical emergencies over the weekend – Salta

Emergency and Disaster Medical Assistance System (SAMEC) provided face-to-face care to 204 people for various reasons (including head injuries, 76 from traffic accidents); 17 patients with epilepsy; 5 patients with decompensated diabetes; 21 patients with respiratory Difficult people; 42 Injuries and assaults; 52 Domestic violence; 2. Targeting stab wounds.

The Maternity and Children’s Hospital notified the following news from 8:00 p.m. on Friday, 25th to 8:00 a.m. on Monday, 28th:

In adult care, a total of 215 patients were treated, 36 of whom were hospitalized. There are 62 obstetrics, 92 gynecology and 37 medical clinics.

The Pediatric Guard admitted 633 patients, 40 of whom were hospitalized. Among the urgent causes, 220 were respiratory diseases, 110 were various traumas, 34 were gastroenteritis and 1 was a dog bite. There were 32 live births: 14 males and 18 females.

First responders at Señor del Milagro Hospital treated 222 people over the age of 15 on Saturday and Sunday. Most medical claims are for cases of pharyngitis and gastroenteritis.

A total of 31 urgent consultations were carried out at the Arturo Oñativia Hospital on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, mainly due to: diabetic decompensation, diabetic foot, chronic renal failure, hypertensive crisis.

Meanwhile, 26 people in need of spiritual assistance were treated by the on-call service at the Dr. Miguel Ragone Mental Health Hospital.

Of the patients who received assistance, 3 were referred by other hospitals, 2 were for police attention, 1 was for containment and follow-up, and 18 were outpatients who had not received treatment at the hospital.

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