Sicilian Lions: Everything you need to know about the series with Miriam Leone

The first four episodes will air on October 25 on Disney+ (also available on Sky Q and through the Now Smart Stick app), and the final four on November 1. Directed by Paolo Genovese.

Miriam Leone I will be the main character of the movie “I” Lions of Sicily, a Disney+ series (also available on Sky Q and through the app on Now Smart Stick), which will be released in October. The actress will play Julia Volkonetsan independent woman who will enter the life of Vincenzo, son of Paolo, one of the two brothers who supported the sensational assertion of the Florio family in nineteenth century Sicily.

lions of sicilyeverything you need to know about the show

Lions of Sicily this is a new Disney+ production based on the novel Lions of Sicily. Saga of Florios From stephanie Auchi. The work, published in 2019, was so successful that it led to the publication of a sequel. winter of lions only two years later.

The novel tells about the establishment and social liberation of the Florio family, headed by the brothers Paul AND Ignatius. The story, set in 1799, tells of the couple leaving Bagnara Calabra and setting out on their journey. Palermo where their flourishing trading activity began. The lives of the two workers intertwine with the lives of other characters, including Julia.



“The Sicilian Lions” will become a TV series

Director Paul Genoesestarring Miriam Leone and Michelle Riondino like Vincenzo while Vinicius Marchioni This is Paolo Florio. Present Donatella Fennel, Edward Little shoe, Paul Brigouille, Esther swamp AND Adele Cammarata.


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The first four episodes of the series will air on the TV channel 25 October on the streaming platform (also visible on Sky Q and via app on the Now Smart Stick), the last four will appear on Nov. 1.

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Pregnant Miriam Leone in a Mediterranean style photo with a bulge

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