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Here are the most popular tourist destinations in Sicily: Lampedusa and San Vito lo Capo are the most popular destinations in addition to Favignana, Catania, Palermo, Taormina, Noto, Syracuse, Cefalu and Messina.

For the tourism sector, 2023 will be a year of recovery

There are still about 80 million overnight stays on the island, which is 20% of the total for the country. However, about 22% of the presence is represented by foreigners. The growth of tourism in the south will continue at a high intensity and may even reach 21.9% compared to 2022, which will contribute to the growth of tourism GDP by about 100 billion euros.

Lampedusa and San Vito lo Capo are among the most popular destinations

There are 7 places in Sicily that are most popular with tourists: Lampedusa and San Vito lo Capo are the most popular destinations and much more. Favignana, Catania, Palermo, Taormina, Noto, Syracuse, Cefalu and Messina are some of the most popular destinations for Italian tourists, offering crystal clear seas and charming villages.

Palermo offers an added value of 814 million euros.

Tourism remains the leading sector of the Sicilian economy and contributes to the wealth of the island. The first three Sicilian municipalities to make the top 20 in value added are Palermo, Catania and Syracuse. In fact, the Sicilian capital is in 15th place with an added value of 814 million euros, while Catania is in 27th place with an added value of almost 466 million euros. Then Syracuse with an added value of 389 million euros, Taormina, which reaches 326 million euros, and finally Cefalu, which brings the territory 280.6 million euros in wealth.

Here are the monuments worth visiting in Sicily

Many prefer the clear and crystal clear waters of the Sicilian Sea, but the island also offers various historical beauties of cultural interest. From the ancient Arab-Norman Cathedral of Palermo, built in 1185 and part of the heritage protected by UNESCO, to the Greco-Roman theater of Taormina, opened in 301 AD, to the Norman, Baroque and neoclassical Cathedral of Catania, to the stairs. Caltagirone, a city famous for its ceramics, and the Cathedral of Noto, completely built in 1776 in the Sicilian Baroque style. And let’s not forget the evocative beauty of the Scala dei Turchi in Realmonte and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, an ancient archaeological park dating back to the 6th century BC. and included in the list of World Heritage Sites. The Valley of the Temples is characterized above all by its exceptional state of preservation and a number of important temples dating back to the Doric and Hellenic periods. The beauty of the park and the initiative of the blossoming almond tree mean that Agrigento has been proclaimed the Italian Capital of Culture for 2025.

Sicily is a trendy island for VIPs too.

Sicily, however, remains a trendy island and a favorite destination for leading personalities from the worlds of entertainment, fashion and high finance. Every year you can see luxury yachts off the coast of Sicily. The islands of Ortigia, Lampedusa, Panarea, Favignana and Pantelleria are very popular, as are luxury destinations very popular with millionaires such as Syracuse, Noto, San Vito lo Capo, Mondello and Taormina. For example, staying at Villa Tasca in Palermo costs more than 5,000 euros per night, while at Castello Romeo payments are also accepted in cryptocurrencies. Among the VIPs who have chosen Sicily for their vacation, Will Smith, 2022 Oscar winner, chose to spend his holidays with his family in Taormina. Fendi designer Kim Jones made a stop in Syracuse, who held a fashion show on the island of Ortigia last May.

With a fire at the airport of Catania, cargo turnover fell by 20%

According to the owner of the resort Monaci delle Terre Nere in Zafferana Etnea, Guido Coffa, the fire that broke out at Catania airport will lead to a reduction in turnover in the tourism sector by 20%, but the forecasts for the future promise good results. In fact, the goal is to reach a turnover of five million euros to 10 million in the next few years. “The island is one of the favorite options for large spenders, international clients with great affordability, and for insiders, the reason is simple. Sicily is a real continent full of art, history, beauty, food and wine. We have a territory of unique beauty, which, however, should be better protected,” Koffa explains. is in Google News:

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