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Simone Tabasco, an increasingly popular young Italian actress already nominated for an Emmy for her role in The White Lotus, is returning to Giffoni where it all began.

Simone Tabasco, White Lotus Star at Giffoni 2023: Future 'Tom Hardy Woman'?

July 25 at Giffoni Film Festival between Rosa Himikl, Francesco Arca, Junior Calli, meetings with ministers Giorgetti (associated) and Valditara and many more… But among the guests of the day we also had Simone Tabasco, young actress became popular abroad with Mike White’s acclaimed HBO series (available in Italy on Sky and NOW), White Lotuswhich also earned her a nomination for the prestigious Emmy Award.

Dreaming of Hollywood


Simone Tabasco in the photo

Simone Tabasco’s name has been on everyone’s lips ever since she joined cast of the second season White LotusAmerican TV series that received very high ratings from viewers and critics.
So this season, which is set in Italy, we have also used our own talents, for example by helping to restart the career of Sabrina Impacciatore (also nominated for an Emmy) and gaining international attention.”in process“Like Tabasco.

My Emmy nominations? Big unexpected confession, I did not think that I would achieve such a result, I live this moment with great surprise and ease– the actress comments during a press conference, admitting that she does not want to think about the results of the awards ceremony.The Emmy is an important recognition, but communication through my work is important to me, and so now I’m thinking about what my next step will be.“.

Actors strike: why Hollywood is protesting

Because Simone really wanted a future in Hollywood, and after a feat in White Lotusis definitely within his reach (he’s already in the cast of the psychological horror Immaculate with Sidney Sweeney). Unfortunately, also due to the strike in Hollywood, he can’t tell us what projects are at stake at the moment, but he knows exactly in which direction he would like to go.

When asked what your biggest cinematic inspirations are, she actually answers: “If you could be the female version of Tom Hardy, I would love it. I really like his choices, what he does… And that’s why I would say that he is one of my biggest inspirations. On the women’s side, on the other hand, I’ve always really liked Carey Mulligan, she’s always made very elegant choices, and on an acting level, I find her exceptional.“.

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Return to Italy and Giffoni

But obviously Simone’s beginnings were here in her homeland, and she’s the one who tells us how it all started at the Giffoni Film Festival: “I am very happy to be here because I wanted to do something different with my life, but then when I met Gianvincenzo and other people from the Giffoni team, they really changed my life. After our meeting, I thought that the world of acting could become a reality for me. I am a Neapolitan and I have never had any reason to think about cinema and acting. I was fascinated by this world, but I never had anything that could be called “the right drive.” And the guys from Giffoni were“.


Simone Tabasco in character at the Giffoni Film Festival

But the path of acting is certainly not an easy one, and in the current panorama of the entertainment world and in particular the possibilities of creating a future in this field for young people, translator Lucia believes that “ scripts carry a huge responsibility. Finding roles that give women and girls the opportunity to express themselves is not difficult, I think, but almost“.

Women in movies and TV shows: “Today, risk is an abundance of opportunities”

However, as she explains, she has found a very inclusive Hollywood.”Hollywood includes various figures that it contemplates in the world of cinema, at least with me it was“and what experience on a set of White Lotus it was really great”All of them were wonderful. We spent 5 months together, there was still COVID, and we became very good friends“.

Then, answering questions from other reporters about the situation at the Experimental Center, she, a former student, believes that “everyone should be the ‘master’ of the house they live in, and in this case, the students of the Experimental Center are in some way the custodians of this place, and I would hold them fully accountable.”

Between Doc and Sanremo


Simone Tabasco at the Giffoni Film Festival

Meanwhile, Simone still has a role that particularly connects her with Italian television, the role of Elisa Rousseau in Doc – In your hands. However, it looks like the third season won’t see her among its main characters:My name isn’t on Rai’s schedule for the new season of Doc because I had other projects and it’s been a pretty confusing year so we couldn’t get it all together.

Doc – In Your Hands: The True Story That Inspired Luca Argentero’s Fiction

But still, if we talk about Italian television, the project that attracts her a lot is one of the most famous kermesses, the one that also saw on stage another of her colleagues who played so much luck abroad, Matilda De Angelis: “San Remo it’s not far from my thoughts. It hasn’t happened yet, but who knows, we’ll see. I would like… I can’t imagine it, but I would like to“.

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