Skinny Angelina Jolie’s black coat in New York today

Summer survival kit – unlined coat for the coldest month of the year. Angelina Jolie in a plunging black coat. puts his stamp of style on a trend that unites the two coasts of the United States. First Meghan Markle in a camel coat in Montecito, with all the implications of divorce hypotheses, and Angelina Jolie today in New York, she finds refuge in the black caviar of her heart in a sublime double-breasted suit, the most classic of the classics that she has always especially loved, despite the temperatures of the calendar and social ideas about how to dress. August. No idea why, even for her this summer, which to VIPs already feels like winter. But for Angelina Jolie, there is zero sentimental gossip: this is the first season in which there is no mention of her possible boyfriend candidates, which is almost a record for those who, like her, have been associated with someone in recent years.

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Temporarily relocated to the East Coast to stage her first Broadway musical, with daughter Vivienne (and as of now, the only one who hasn’t debuted with her yet is her other twin Knox) ​​as her exceptional assistant. Angelina Jolie he holds tightly to the scepter of the Hollywood diva, the pivot around which N lives and his commitments – humanitarian and otherwise – revolve, and he indulges in brunch with paparazzi-defying enigmatic friends. The light walk in patent-leather neckline, which she brings back into fashion, a smile that we rarely saw on her, unprecedented hair with blond reflections, even in a summer-winter coat that shocks News Angelina Jolie manages to be elevated.

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