SkyWeek July 30 – August 5, 2023 Sky and Streaming NOW


Looking for something to see Sky and broadcast on NOW This week? This article lists best programs which will be streamed on the platform over the next seven days. You will find movies, series, entertainment programs and more. And so, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling through Sky Week!

SkyWeek July 30 - August 5, 2023 Sky and Streaming NOW SkyWeek July 30 - August 5, 2023 Sky and Streaming NOW

There programming next week for Sky and smoking canals for NOW promises to be very rich meetings not to be missed for lovers movies, series and entertainment. For implacable romantics dreaming of a fairy tale love story, you can’t miss a meeting with “Romantic, a hilarious ensemble comedy that intertwines the lives of four very different women, united by the desire to make their sentimental dreams come true. Between misunderstandings and twists and turns, this living portrait of the female universe will captivate you with irony and lightness. Lovers of thrills and the unknown, you can immerse yourself in intricate textures “Souls – All the lives you remember“, an intriguing series on the theme of reincarnation, and in an unsettling atmosphere “Observers“, a claustrophobic and paranoid thriller starring the tense Maika Monroe as a woman tormented by a mysterious stalker. Chills and adrenaline guaranteed.

For those who love to travel from the comfort of their couch, the return of the necklace is not to be missed.”Traveling with Sky Unowhich from this week will lead you to discover incredible places, including breathtaking scenery, luxury hotels, culinary delights and fascinating cultures. Total immersion in the most beautiful places in the world. And for many fans of the Sky series “Crimes of the Flicker”, this will be an unforgettable week: on the Sky Cinema channel you can enjoy the integral of all seasons, spend an unforgettable summer marathon in the company of the witty detective bartender Massimo and his extravagant friends. conquer you again. Finally, true lovers of crime will be riveted to screens with “death on the beach“, a disturbing documentary that promises to shed light on a dark history: a series of mysterious murders that have bled the idyllic Thai island of Koh Tao for years.


Sunday, July 30 at 9:15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno and live NOW, also available upon request.
Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Guest) is the protagonist of a thriller set in Bucharest. After receiving an important job opportunity, Francis moved to Romania with his wife Julia. All day alone in the house and surrounded by huge windows, Julia begins to develop a growing paranoia: she feels that she is constantly watched by a man who lives in the house opposite and who always seems to be standing at the window. Frances plays down her fears and walks away from her. Is Julia really just paranoid?


Monday, July 31 at 9:15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno and live on NOW, also available on request.
Pilar Fogliati’s first work, which interprets four ironic portraits that give life to episodic comedy. In Rome, a psychologist played by Barbora Bobulova follows four very different patients: Evgenia, an aspiring screenwriter from Palermo, dreams of filming her screenplay; Uvetta is an aristocrat who lives outside of reality and wants to experience the emotions of ordinary work; Michela is a simple girl from Guidonia who, about to get married, runs into a childhood friend for whom she had a soft spot; and Tasia is Pariolina, who believes she knows how to dominate men and gives lessons to her friends. At 21.45 also at Sky Cinema Romance.

From Monday, July 31, on Sky Uno and streaming NOW, all games are also available on demand.
Let yourself be transported to the world of unforgettable travels and discoveries. From July 31 to August 27, Sky Uno launches a special summer program entirely dedicated to those who love to travel. Breathtaking places in Italy and the world, exclusive villas and residences, dream landscapes, luxury hotels and other original forms of hospitality available to everyone, as well as culinary delicacies and unique experiences: Journey with Sky Uno offers extraordinary itineraries. for daydreaming in front of a screen or a magnifying glass of more famous and nearby places to discover their hidden beauties. All this through a selection of episodes from the most loved programs by travelers from all over the world: Rent a Dream, Bruno Barbieri – 4 Hotels, Beijing Express, Good Girls and Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants. Almost a month of special programming during which Sky Uno will take us on an exciting and exciting journey between charming Italian places and far exotic places. Pack your bags, let’s go “Journey with Sky Uno”.


Tuesday, August 1 at 21:15 on Sky Atlantic and LIVE NOW, also available on demand.
A new Sky Original supernatural drama series exploring the theme of reincarnation. Directed by Alex Eslam and Hanna Maria Heidrich, Souls. All the Lives You Remember revolves around the story of three women: Hannah (Bridget Hobmeier), Ellie (Julia Kositz) and Lynn (Rene Gerschke) who, at least on the surface, don’t have a soul. nothing in common, but which actually represent the past, present and future associated with one tragic event. Their lives are intertwined and changed forever when the son of one of them starts acting strange after an accident and remembers a previous life in which he was a pilot of a disappeared plane.

Sky Cinema Collection, Tuesday 1st to Sunday 13th August.
From Tuesday 1 to Sunday 13 August, Filippo Timi, Lucia Maschino, Alessandro Benvenuti, Athos Davini, Massimo Paganelli, Marcello Marziali, Enrica Guidi, Corrado Guzzanti and Stefano Fresi return under Roan Johnson for 10 seasons, 21 films in total. from the world of BarLume by Marco Malvaldi, originally produced by Sky Italia in co-production with Palomar. Therefore, we are ready to spend a holiday in Pineta in the company of the witty detective-bartender Massimo (Filippo Timi), the pedantic commissioner Vittoria Fusco (Lucia Maschino), the trusted waitress Tiziana (Enrica Guidi) and the lovely retired detectives Pilade, Gino, Emo and Aldo. These are the titles in order: KING OF THE GAME, HIGHEST CARD, BINGO TROYAI, BRISCOLA IN FIVE, WIRELESS PHONE, ACTION AND REACTION, SEA AIR, LOGGIA DEL CINGIALE, TWO THREE STARS! VIANI, WOMEN WITH BALLS, RETURN TO PINETA, SEA FORCE FOUR, LAIR FREE EVERYONE, I BUY GOLD, WITH YOUR MOUTH STILL, GUESS WHO?, PARADISO RESORT and finally SO ZUMBA!


Thursday, August 3 at 21:15 on Sky Cinema Uno and live on NOW, also available on request.
Director and screenwriter Daniel Farrands, a specialist in the genre of horror and biographical thrillers, brings to the screen the stories of two serial killers who left a terrible bloody trail in the United States: Eileen Wuornos (already brought to the big screen by Charlize Theron in “Monster”) and Ted Bundy. In this movie, we start with Wuornos’ childhood when she moved to Florida in 1976 in search of a new life that would help her escape her tragic past, but instead led her to become the world’s most notorious serial killer. ‘America.


From Friday, August 4 at 21:15 on Sky Documentaries and live on NOW, also available on request.
Paradise… or a place of no return? Over the years, it has emerged that the island of Koh Tao, off the coast of Thailand, has been the site of several murders that occurred under mysterious circumstances. In 2015, 23-year-old Chrissy Annesley went on vacation to Dream Island. She died six days later. Her father, Boyne Annesley, has since gone on a crusade to find out what happened. Through his investigations, he discovers that many other young people have died on the beaches of Koh Tao. In 2014, two young British tourists were found dead after newspapers reported suspicions that the island mafia was involved. Later, it also turns out that three more young Englishmen were killed more than twenty years ago. After gaining the trust of the victims’ families, Boyne seeks the help of MP Hannah Bardell to get more support from the Foreign Office. After all these suspicious deaths and countless investigations, will the truth about this tragic list of lost young lives ever be found?

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