Washing Machine Tips | These Are the 10 Best Detergents for Washing Machines, According to OCU Rankings

From time to time, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) shares the following: best product on the market Those who have done a thorough analysis.

When it comes to washing machine detergents, they place a lot of emphasis on performance Effective fat and pigment removal, ability to maintain initial fabric whiteness, ability to clean enzymatic and oxidizable stains, prevent darkening, protect color and environmental influences.

Therefore, based on the points each person gets (out of 5), an overall score is obtained out of 100.

In this article, we explain Here are the 10 best washing machine detergents, their prices and all their features, according to OCU:

10. Wipp Express Disc 4-in-1 Deep Clean

With an overall score of 65 points, the detergent sold at Alcampo earns five stars in the leaderboard. Ability to remove fats and pigments while maintaining the initial whiteness of fabrics and have 4/5 stars from Enzymatic, oxidative stain cleaning and prevents darkening. However, its color protection and environmental impact are poor, with two-fifths and three points respectively.

have Price 15.29, 50 doses comeso the cost per disk is 0.34 EUR.

9. Eco Esselt Eco Capsule Liquid Detergent

Eco Esselt scored 66 out of 100, excellent at cleaning enzymatic stains, grease, pigments, oxides, maintaining whiteness, preventing darkening and environmental influences, scoring 4 out of 5, but It cannot effectively protect the color of clothing.

5.59 EUR for 28 dosesso the price per capsule is 0.20 Euro.

8. Aldi All Purpose Detergent Esselt

Aldi supermarket laundry detergent, 67 points, yes Rated very well for its ability to remove grease and pigment stains, resist oxidation, and maintain garment whiteness, 5/5. It scored a 4/5 for its ability to enzymatically remove stains and prevent darkening of clothes. It also doesn’t stand out when it comes to color preservation, and its environmental impact isn’t the best either.

have Price € 4.09, comes in 30 dosesso the selling price is 0.14 EUR per piece.

7. Plant Sourced Neroli and Citrus Leaf

This detergent has score 67 points And has achieved good results in almost all areas, because Its color protection and ability to maintain the whiteness of clothes only dropped to 3/5. It especially stands out for removing rust with a 5/5.

his The price is 8.12 euros and there are 35 dosesso the price per piece is 0.30 EUR.

6. Formidil (Lidl) Ultra Concentrated Active Substance

With a score of 67 out of 100, this Lidl cleaner excels especially in its ability to remove grease, pigments, oxidants and maintain whiteness. 4/5 for enzymatic stain removal and darkening prevention.

his The price is 2.79 eurospriced at €0.10 per dose, because he is 29 years old.

5. Frosch Aloe Vera

March Frosch Aloe Vera Cleanser also scored 67/100. 5/5 for its ability to preserve color 4/5 for oil and pigment removal, oxidizable stains, environmental influences, and protection against darkening.not so recommended when Remove enzyme stains or keep clothes white.

Its price is 5.75 euros with 30 doses, So each piece costs 0.24 euros.

4. Frosch Natural Soap

Also from the Frosch brand, this natural soap is available at Carrefour and has a rating of 69. 4/5 stars for all features, Although it fails 2/5 for color protection.

The price is 6.05 euros and there are 30 dosesso each one costs €0.20.

3. Carrefour Expert Best Clean

continue to Products rated as “Very Good Quality” by OCU Carrefour’s brand of detergent has a score of 70 out of 100. It does a great job of removing greasy, oxidized stains and pigmented stains with a 5/5 star rating. While all other characteristics remain at 4/5, its color protection isn’t as good at 2/5.

its price is €5.29 for 36 dosesso each one sells for 0.15 euros.

2. Seventh generation Free&Clear Sensitive

The second best detergent was the seventh generation Free & Clear Sensitive sold by Carrefour with a score of 72. It is one of the few detergents to receive this honor. a 5/5 is reflected in the protection of clothing colors and the impact on the environment. It scored a 4/5 for its ability to remove enzyme, oil, oxidative and pigment stains and prevent darkening.most failed Maintain target effectiveness.

Priced at €9.95, contains 40 dosesso its cost is 0.25 euros.

1. Ecover Universal Honeysuckle and Jasmine

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According to OCU, the best is Ecover Universal Honeysucke & Jasmine. It has a score of 75 out of 100 Excellent at removing enzymatic and oxidative stains and color protection. Although the ability to keep clothes white is only 3/5, all other characteristics are no less than 4/5.

his The price is 8.22 euros with 20 dosescosting €0.50 each. This is the most expensive of all mentioned.

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