Snai Sesana Hippodrome: everything is easy for Comrade the Wise, who won the Paolo Facci award

VHippodrome Snai Sesana in Montecatini Terme the first took place meeting per month September valid for 26th seasonal day of the lynx. The Paolo Facci Prize and the races of Paralympic champion Denis Cocu went through the stage first with two races and then, at the end of the meeting, with the final. But let’s go in order. In the Facci test, at a distance of 1640 meters, intended for the younger generation, it was everything is easy for clear favorite Fellow Wise As: safely in the hands of Lorenzo Baldi, younger brother of Expo Wise As, taking the lead easily repeated the success achieved at the end of July, always on the track, improving to a new personal best of 1.16.6. According to his coach, the son of a Maharaja belonging to Gennaro Riccio, an interesting future can await. A good debut for Fashion Starlove, who followed the winner all the way and finished second ahead of Fairuz Mil, while Ferdifan Dirisaia made a mistake on the track, throwing fourth place to the wind.

Instead of in the test dedicated to the gentlemen for the Denis Koku trophywith horses 5 years and older on the track, the first battery struggled a lot and at the end solved at 1.14.4 at 2040 meters Super Op and Lorenzo Pantarotto, who came to extinguish the hopes of Zarbon del Sile at the finish line, setting the pace from the very start. Spritz Holz finished strongly, having to go through the last turn on wheel four to outrun the pursuing Zarina D’Amore to take third place, with Zeus di Girifalco getting one last useful run to the final.

In the second race of Attenti Al Lupo, he had to spend a lot of time to overtake Blue Star at a distance of 400 meters.: Martin Levakovic’s horse with Francesca Consoli in the sediolo continued without sparing himself and suffered a logical decline in the straight: the placed Blu Start with the perfect Matteo Angeloni managed to outrun an average of 1.16 at 2040 meters, while Attenti Al Lupo he saved the second place from Corto Maltese, who, in turn, finished confidently from third position. Ferry Boko overtook Vasti di Poggio for fourth place and both earned a spot in the final.

The final, which, as mentioned, ended the evening of racing, included a lot of the first run with Zarbon del Sile. – again very fast in the turn – who with Sandro Gori tried to make Melina, but found that the fined Ferry Boko teased him: and, as in the first run, an ambush appeared in the Super Op, 12 years old and not hearing Their very poisonous perks delivered Lorenzo Pantarotto and his trainer Edi Moni are very satisfied. Ferry Boko remained in third place, saving himself from the finish of Spritz Holz, who was again not too lucky.

Among other rehearsals of Montecatini’s evening: as evidence – the exhibition of vintage cars and motorcycles Tac Prize,Eureka Grif won the yield claim on 3-year-old horses by force from Cesare Ferranti: Mare Enrico Fiaschi wobbled with one lap to go, pushed Ender’s tread to get rid of him on the penultimate straight and remained unassailable all the way with an average of 1.18.3 over 2060m. Second place was taken by Ed Sheeran Herre and Emme Stella, behind him, finished third.

The prediction was honored by favorite Elma di Girifalco at the Vellano Chestnut Festival 2023 award.: The mare, trained and driven by Edoardo Baldi, outpaced the Eagle, but had to endure pressure from Eritrea, who proved to be a very strong contender, but ended up making a mistake halfway through making a final attack. Thus, Elma di Girifalco was able to breathe a sigh of relief and cross the finish line first with an average of 1.16.7, while Essenza Piccante, behind her, finished second ahead of Edwin di Poggio.

domination (in name and in fact) in The Circolo Sandro Maltagliati Vellano prize brought the second success of the evening to coach Enrico Fiaschi.: in a race in which many horses broke down (including the beloved Delmonica Matto in the first turn), the son of Adrian Chipa, ridden by Daniele Orsini, watched the diatribe between Drifa di Meletro and Darch as an interested spectator and in a straight line easily passed to maximum average of 1.17.9 on the incumbent Drifa di Meletro, while striker Darch conceded but remained third due to lack of opponents.

Next meeting with racing and entertainment for the public at the Snai Sesana Racecourse is scheduled for Saturday 9.

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