Sofia Coppola The Godfather: Two Roles

Sofia Coppola as a girl Godfather or, more precisely, in the third chapter of the saga, that is The Godfather – Part III acting Mary Corleone. However, perhaps not everyone knows that very little Sophia also appears in the first episode of the trilogythat is, the one titled simply Godfather (original name: Godfather).

In this article, we collect a collection of curiosities concerning works that have left an indelible mark on the history of cinema, starting with the first chapter of an anthology containing a micro-role of the director Priscillafinally getting to the last one.

Cast “Godfather”

Trilogy Godfather has only one, very famous director, namely Francis Ford Coppola. At the time of the release of the first chapter, Godfather it has already won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for a film. Patton, steel general. Recognition was awarded to him in 1971, and not only to him, but also to Edmund H. North. Coming out next year Godfather. Among the translators are Marlon Brando AND Al Pacinomoreover, one of the two has already won an Oscar, and the other will become one in 1993.

V cast of “The Godfather”Conceived as the first chapter of a trilogy, it features not only great actors but also a young woman, very young Sofia Coppola. Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter, born a year before the film’s release, plays the role son of Michael Corleone in the moment baptism.

L’epilogue Godfather opens the door to a sequel that won’t be long in coming. It’s about the movie The Godfather – Part IIwork that sees the light in 1974 and this opens the way to a real triumph at the Oscars. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction, and Best Soundtrack are all award-winning awards, following on from the three pieces already collected. Godfather. In the cast The Godfather – Part II we find Al Pacino and Diane Keaton and for the first time we read the names Robert Duvall AND Robert DeNiro.

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Sofia Coppola and Godfather: the role of Mary Corleone

Future directed by Coppolastill a child, not taking part in The Godfather – Part II, but his personal history with the famous trilogy did not end with the small role of the son of Michael Corleone. Between film by actress Sofia Coppolaactually there is also Godfather 3 or, to call it its official name, The Godfather – Part III. Several years have passed since the release of the first two chapters of the saga. We are in 1990 and Sofia has already taken her first steps, this time as an adult, in the world of cinema.

In the cast The Godfather – Part III again there is the aforementioned Al Pacino and Diane Keaton, as well as, among others, Talia Shiresister of Francis Ford Coppola, who has already taken part in the previous two chapters of the saga, and a “new entry”, namely Andy Garcia as Vincent Mancini. And here she is Sofia Coppolathis time deals with the real part, namely the one Mary Corleone.

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Criticism of Sofia Coppola Godfather

Next to the exit 2020 de The Godfather, Epilogue: Death of Michael Corleonenew revised and restored edition de The Godfather – Part III, Hollywood Reporter publish statements made to him Andy Garciawho argues that the film was treated unfairly in many ways, especially with criticism of Sofia Coppola.

The role of Mary Corleone was originally intended to be Winona Ryder, which ceased production shortly after its inception. So Sofia has taken on the role, and Garcia believes that if fans come back to watch the film again, they will find her performance honest, deep, and heartfelt.

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