‘Son, what have you done?’: Michael Jordan’s ex-wife Juanita hilariously calls out nostalgic reminder of Jeffrey

Juanita Vanoy, the ex-wife of basketball legend Michael Jordan, took to social media to respond to a funny post from her son Jeffrey. Michael Jordan’s eldest son posted an old photo of his father worried in the stands on Threads while tagging his mother. Vanoy was quick to respond with a witty response.

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Juanita Vanoy, known for her wit and humor, wasted no time in sharing her hilarious response to Jeffrey’s post about his father, in which the NBA legend looked thoughtful think. Vain replied in the comment section and wrote“👀😡What did you do? 😂😂😂I love you🥰”, It’s interesting what Jeffrey did to make his father react this way.

Jaunita has been married to Michael Jordan for 17 years and they have three children. Their eldest sons, Jeffrey, were born in 1988 and Marcus Jordan in 1990. They also welcomed daughter Jasmine in December 1992. The couple divorced in 2006 after Juanita first filed for divorce in 2002.


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Despite their separation, the two have remained on friendly terms, with Vain recently sharing their parenting wisdom for dealing with multiple kids.

Juanita Vanoy talks about what she calls her kids

About three weeks ago, Vanoy posted a question to parents on Instagram. The post read, “To all the parents out there…if you have multiple children and when you talk about them, do you mention/refer to them in age order?” She also revealed how she referenced her children in the caption of the post.


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she wrote, “I’ve been asked if I realize that I always refer to my children in order of their age 😂 it never occurred to me. For me it’s usually automatic…in that order it’s Jeffrey, Marcus And Jasmine! How are you out there? “Do you do this?” “

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A recent interaction between Jeffrey Jordan and his mother, Juanita Vanoy, illustrates their loving dynamic. Vain didn’t hesitate to joke with his son before expressing his love for him. Interestingly, Jordan has not commented or responded in any way to the article or Vanoy’s hilarious remarks so far.

Now, Jeffrey, who played basketball at the University of Illinois, is defeated by his cheerful mother.


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