Song by Massimo Ranieri

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Other qualities and advantages were not enough (which also makes me forgive dreams: something I always hate in films) Matteo Garrone’s film also has a good choice of music, adequate but not folkloric.
New York Times Magazine there’s a witty piece on Moneskin (and many other things about rock and time) that’s more forgiving than other international reviews we’ve seen in recent months.
Last week Diana Ross appeared on stage at BeyoncĂ©’s Los Angeles concert in all her 79-year-old glory and doubled down on the already very high level of veganism at BeyoncĂ©’s concerts.
It will be out on Friday a record by Sean Combs aka Diddy aka P Diddy, suggested by Puff Daddy, with a promising title Love album.
Talking heads yes put it back together, but only to take a few photos.


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