Sophie Turner left Taylor Swift’s New York home with her daughters after the actress and husband Joe Jonas agreed to keep the children in the state amid a custody battle

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20:08 27 Sep 2023, updated 20:33 27 Sep 2023

  • exclusive photos show Sophie Turner leaving Taylor Swift’s Tribeca home with her two daughters on Wednesday morning.
  • The 27-year-old actress is believed to be dating the pop star days after she and her ex-husband Joe Jonas agreed to keep their children in New York temporarily.
  • The first hearing in the divorce case took place in a remote court in Miami on Wednesday after Turner initiated proceedings in the UK.

Sophie Turner was spotted leaving Taylor Swift’s New York home as she navigates a messy divorce and custody battle with ex-husband Joe Jonas.

The 27-year-old Game of Thrones star appears to be spending the night at his superstar pal’s Tribeca townhouse with his two daughters, days after the couple agreed to a court order to temporarily keep the children in the state, photos show .

Sophie, who made headlines last week after she was seen joining forces with former Joe Jonas co-star Taylor, 32, in New York, was staying at the St. Regis with three-year-old daughters Willa and one-year-old Delphine.

But on Wednesday morning the British actress was seen in exclusive photos leaving the pop star’s home with her two young daughters. exclusive photos show Sophie Turner leaving Taylor Swift’s Tribeca home with her two daughters on Wednesday morning.
The mum-of-two was seen putting the girls in the back seat of a black SUV after spending the night at her superstar pal’s house.
Reports say Taylor Swift has given Sophie Turner (pictured in New York last week) the perfect shoulder to lean on during her bitter divorce from ex-husband Joe Jonas.

The mother of two, who appeared fresh and in good spirits, appeared to be sending the girls elsewhere, helping pack them into a black SUV with their belongings.

The driver helped her load two packed suitcases and a portable crib into the car. She then saw her girls off before heading back to Swift’s house.

It looked like Sophie, who was wearing no make-up in her pajamas, with her hair in a messy ponytail and half-way into her trainers, had stepped out to take care of her mum duties after spending the night at her new friend’s house.

She was also seen wearing a ring on her wedding finger again after being photographed without it a few days earlier.

The outing followed reports that Swift had given Turner a shoulder to lean on following her shock split from Jonas.

Last week, the “All Too Well” hitmaker invited the actress to his home for a “girls’ night out,” Page Six reported.

Turner and the pop singer, who briefly dated Jonas in 2008 when they were both teenagers, were spotted together last week having dinner at the luxury Barriere Fouquet hotel with several other friends.

Although the 12-time Grammy winner didn’t share any photos from the party, she has a reputation for throwing amazing parties over the years, from huge Fourth of July bashes to New Year’s costume parties.

A few days before this outing, Taylor and Sophie reportedly walked until 2 a.m. after a modest dinner at Via Carota restaurant.

Turner, seen fresh-faced, in pajamas, with her feet half-stuck in sneakers, appears to be crashing at Taylor’s home during her custody battle with Joe.
Sophie Turner
A dressed Sophie saw her daughters off before heading back to Swift’s townhouse.
Meanwhile, Swift, who was not seen with Turner on Wednesday morning, was photographed returning to her townhouse on Tuesday after spending two nights in Kansas City with new flame Travis Kelce.

The blonde duo also enjoyed ‘martinis and caviar’ at trendy celebrity bar Temple Bar.

A source told People that it “encouraged Sophie” and that she was enjoying the whole thing as normal.

“They were normal. Completely normal. Everyone was excited, but they were normal,” the insider recalls, adding: “Sophie seemed to be enjoying the night.”

Earlier on Wednesday, reported that Turner is now fighting to move her divorce case to her native UK, weeks after her ex-husband Joe Jonas filed for divorce in Florida, according to a court hearing on Wednesday.

The Game of Thrones star has reportedly filed a case in a British court in an attempt to return her two children to England.

It is the latest development in the couple’s bitter divorce saga and is likely to further complicate the case, which is currently being heard in three different courts in two countries.

The hearing took place Wednesday in a Miami courtroom, where Jonas, 34, first filed for divorce on Sept. 1 and Turner found out four days later.

Sources close to Jonas claim that in the lead-up to the split, the British actress went out partying while the singer spent time looking after their daughters Delphine, 1, and Willa, 3, on his own.

Turner was spotted wearing an engagement ring
Sophie Turner (pictured in New York last week) has initiated divorce proceedings in her home country, weeks after ex-husband Joe Jonas filed for divorce in Miami.
An assistant was seen helping Turner load the girl’s belongings, including a folding crib, into the car.
The driver helped her load two packed suitcases and a portable crib into the car.
The driver helped her load two packed suitcases and a portable crib into the car.

Turner has filed a stunning legal challenge in a New York court – the third time the couple has fought each other.

There, she accused Jonas of refusing to hand over the girls’ passports so they could return with her to England, and invoked international child abduction laws.

Earlier this week, reported that both sides had agreed to a temporary agreement to keep the girls in New York until the matter was resolved.

Neither Turner nor Jonas attended the 15-minute remote hearing in Miami, the first in any jurisdiction.

Joe’s lawyer, Tom Sasser, said testimony will be required before the next hearing.

He also called Turner’s request to stop the Miami trial entirely “particularly troubling and problematic.”

He claimed she had “decided to initiate divorce proceedings in the UK” and wanted to “stop the process”.

Turner’s lawyer Beth Volgelsang told the judge that “that’s not what we’re talking about” and said they only wanted to leave Judge Young’s decision on the divorce until the New York case was resolved.

Judge Young told the court he would deal with everything else in the divorce except the children.

Turner and Jonas married in 2019, but their marriage quickly ended in August due to an argument, according to legal documents.
Joe filed for divorce shortly after he went on a national tour with his brothers in support of the Jonas Brothers.

When Wolgelsang asked her client to appear remotely for the next court hearing, Judge Young responded, “Your client will be here and will be in my courtroom.”

He added that he would like to set the date for mid-December since most film studios close around that time.

The judge offered both parties three dates and advised them to tell him which one they preferred. Jonas will also have to appear in person, the judge said.

Turner and Jonas married in 2019, but their marriage quickly ended in August due to an argument, according to legal documents.

The nature of the dispute has not been revealed, although sources close to Jonas claim that he saw something on the Ring security camera that convinced him that his marriage was over.

Jonas’ sources told TMZ that “she (Turner) likes to have fun” and that he was trying to “save” the relationship by babysitting.

Last week they agreed to a temporary arrangement to keep the children in New York after Sophie demanded Joe return them to the UK.

On September 6, the estranged couple released a joint statement saying: “After four years of a wonderful marriage, we have mutually decided to end our marriage amicably.

“There is a lot of speculation as to why, but in reality this is a unanimous decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children.”

Three weeks later, Turner petitioned a New York court to have her children returned to England.

The suit alleged that the former couple’s daughters were unlawfully detained in New York from “their usual place of residence” in the UK.

The children’s friends, family schools, activities and medical and dental care are all in England, according to court documents.

The suit invokes the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, also known as the Hague Convention, which has been ratified by both the US and UK and gives courts the ability to order the return of a child if they have been wrongfully abducted.

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