Days after joining forces with Michael Jordan’s NASCAR driver, Luka Doncic takes the internet by storm with $250,000 beast: “Batman Damn”

Luka Doncic is making waves on social media and for good reason. Luka never fails, whether it’s through his outstanding scoring ability or his innovative ideas to bring the basketball to the water. Recently, the Dallas Mavericks guard was invited to compete in a NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway with his teammate Grant Williams. Michael Jordan’s 23XI Racing team has unveiled the paint scheme of the Air Jordan Luka 2 as a special tribute to the guest of’s iconic jump people Logo by Jordan.

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However, just days later, the basketball ace is once again taking the internet by storm with his $250,000 behemoth.

Luka Doncic’s car steals the show


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After reaching the top 12, Michael Jordan prodigy Tyler Reddick’s car has undergone a huge transformation. The car’s livery features a beautiful green, white and black color scheme and features the number 45 representing Reddick. “arrive Great car.I like cars, maybe one day it will be mineLuka said when asked what he thought of the Luka 2 color-inspired race car.

Luka Doncic recently appeared on the Dallas Mavericks Instagram page after a weekend of competing in NASCAR. However, it was his car that caught fans’ attention the most. While it’s not uncommon for athletes like Luca to drive such exotic vehicles, his 6×6 takes things to the next level.

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According to TMZ, Luca contacted Apocalypse Manufacturing after watching a video of their truck on TikTok. The four-time NBA champion spent over $250,000 on his custom Apocalypse Hellfire 6×6 super truck.

Fans react to Luka’s new whip


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The monster car comes equipped with thermal and night vision cameras, a five-ring locomotive train horn, a nitrous package, an 850-horsepower, 10,000-watt custom sound system and a built-in safe. This car is sure to turn heads, and it does. When fans spotted Luca driving the car, their comments started pouring in. One user commented, “Luka and that damn Batman Jeep.” Another wrote, “Luca’s jeep says we’re going to war.” One user said, “Lucara cracked the bellicose whip.

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The car’s jet-black exterior has been compared to superhero Batman’s fictional vehicle, “Luka and his Batmobile.” One user expressed a desire to own a similar car“Lucas Cars are needed now”


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Another commented on Kyrie Irving’s absence from the video, “Kairi is still trying to escape Luca’s Batmobile.” However, the majority of the comment section is backing the Dallas Mavericks to win the championship this season.

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