“In Hollywood they tell me I should keep my mouth shut.”

Jessica Chastain tells San Sebastian: ‘In Hollywood they tell me I should keep my mouth shut’EUROPE PRESS

Jessica Chastain said this. At least, she assures me, that’s what many people tell those in professional relationships. “I’ve been told many times in Hollywood that I have to keep my mouth shut to say what I mean,” we explained to the actress today during her visit to the San Sebastian Film Festival. “There are people who are very insecure and have low self-esteem, and they feel intimidated when someone like me thinks about assumptions like the color of regular actors.”.

For just one week at the Venice Film Festival, Chastain defended her speech, condemning labor abuses and chanting that her fellow professionals were less fortunate than her, and then moderated her remarks when it came time to debate the issue. “Every day we invite great product connoisseurs to come and meet us at the conference table, but they don’t even bother to do so. I hope that the principle of understanding they have reached with the actors means a partial change in attitude towards the demands of the actors. I’m sure there are a lot of decent people in this company.”

The actress takes the stage to introduce Memento, the first film she made with Mexican director Michel Franco, who is still working on a second film in which she plays a woman who desperately struggles with forget the trauma of being a victim as a little girl, because of which I vividly experienced hell from there. That is, in other words, the type of person who is capable of leaving emotional emotions behind the person entrusted with giving them life. “When you play such a complex character, it’s important to be surrounded by people who protect you, and that’s unusual; This industry is full of people who only want to prove it to you.“, he admits.

“I will not be so naive as to mention this to any active person, but let me point out that Hitchcock wasn’t afraid to criticize actresses with those who worked to get what he wanted in his films, or how Bernardo Bertolucci hid terrible things during the filming of Last Tango in Paris.” Of his relationships with friends, he comments: “I would say I’ve had a bad life, but overall I don’t want to think twice about it,” Chastain explains. “I really enjoy getting up every morning and thinking about new things that are about to happen to me, and I don’t want to forget that the past interferes with my ability to perceive the present.”

A year and a half after winning an Oscar for his work in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Chastain admits that he feels more comfortable working. fuera del “mainstream” estadounidense. “Honestly, I prefer to work in independent films; It’s easier to tell interesting stories about women and meet directors like Michelle who respect me not only as an actress, but also as a person. Hollywood is an inherently sexist place.”

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