Spain: Sharonne and Giuseppe Di Bella presenters of the Barcelona Eurovision Party for the second year

Will be back again Sharonne and Giuseppe Di Bella the presenters of the Barcelona Eurovision Party. The drag queen is also added to the two Alex Marteen.

The pre-party scheduled in the Catalan capital includes 3 party evenings. Eurovision will invade Barcelona on 23rd, 24th and 25th March.

The highlight will obviously be the final evening on March 25, where in addition to the participants in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 we will see stars of the caliber of Beth, Dami Im, Destiny, Rosa Lopez, Poli Genova, Suzy, Eva Santamaria, Susanne Georgi on stage and still more to be announced.

The organizing team is working hard and has designed a totally new stage for the event. And if that weren’t enough, they have also provided a special “green room” space for artists. The goal of the BCN Eurovision Party team is to create an experience as similar as possible to Eurovision, “to be able to give the same sensations even to those who won’t be able to go to Liverpool” as commented by Olivier Grau.

Who are the artists of Eurovision 2023 confirmed so far?

  • Gustaph (Belgium),
  • Wild Youth (Ireland),
  • Teya & Selena (Austria),
  • Iru Khechanovi (Georgia),
  • Monika Linkyt√© (Lithuania),
  • Sudden Lights (Latvia)e
  • Joker Out (Slovenia)

But we can expect this list to grow much more in the coming days.

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