Spain’s Feio and Sanchez suffer from acute bronchitis

Wednesday’s meeting between Alberto Nunez Fejo and Pedro Sanchez only confirmed the seriousness of the acute bronchitis affecting Spain and continued to add to the agenda of key issues to be resolved.

Inflation has risen again this month, pension payouts top €12bn, job insecurity and currency prices have reduced the signing of mortgage and lease options, but PP and PSOE stand aside as if the problem can be postponed indefinitely.

Fejo launched a test on Sanchez this Wednesday, calling for a half-term extension in the context of a national agreement that guarantees equality for all Spaniards; what an irony, when it is written into the constitution, the quality of democracy and addressing the fair distribution of water, etc. question; but the Socialist leader is steeped in his inaugural schedule and has come to the appointment with a sense of European urgency to update the CGPJ on New Year’s Eve.

Socialist party spokesman Pilar Alegría used sarcasm, as has been common in socialist statements since 23J: “She tried to convince us to abolish Sanchismo, but she lacked convincing,” Also the Acting Education Minister commented,

Fejo used the press conference to bolster his image as a statesman, warning that he would not abandon the understanding with the Spanish Social Workers Party, sending a clear two-way message to the socialists who rejected Sanchez’s deal with JUNTS and EH Bildu ; PNV is the last train to Yuma, leaving it to the BJP candidates to reverse their shortfall in the polls.

Sanchez imagined himself picking grapes in Moncloa and went through the process convinced he had secured the support of nationalist and pro-independence parties, amidst the political chaos that Yolanda Diaz called a progressive government.

A group of Catalan progressives recently caused 14 cyclists to fall during the Vuelta de la Vuelta, while others were arrested for trying to spill oil on the rider’s route.

A few hours ago, the CUP, Alain, the Coordinator of the Trade Unions (COS), Alerta Solidària and the Catalan National Students’ Federation (SEPC) called for a meeting for the 11th of September in Barcelona, ​​Girona. National Day mobilization. , Lleida and Reus.

“We can only win if we take to the streets,” warns the conveners, loath to admit that nationalists are deflated at the polls and trying to achieve what they could not achieve in the election through street violence.

In the 21st century and globalized world, the inability of two political leaders to agree on key issues only confirms the political involution in Spain, which has always been proud of its model of transition from dictatorship to democracy, is now suffered serious damage. “Take off yourself and put on me”!

Two big noses are hard to kiss, especially when they lack generosity, vision for the future, and moral and intellectual consistency; the rest is childish boasting that would be very expensive for most Spaniards .

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