The red carpet of Venice-80: the arrival of stars and the expectation of fans

Red carpet secrets A long walk in front of a cordoned-off public and noisy photographers is the media calling card of every festival, for the public it is glamor without paid access: to ask the star on duty for an autograph or a selfie, it is enough to stand around the Palazzo del Cinema, get a seat in the sun or in the rain, without invitations and without having to watch a movie. Many people know very well that after the fashion show, photos and posts bypass the entrance to the room and end the evening in another place.


For authors and actors, it is a solemn moment when, at the end of the walk, the director, and often the president, greets him, enters the great hall and watches the film that the company has been working on for years. actors, live emotions of the viewer. In order for everything to go smoothly, traffic must be managed consciously, the ceremonial works on this with painstaking attention. As the presence of guests is confirmed, the organization should be honed day by day, delegations – accompanying groups with cast, crew, producers – each parade at the appointed time, also escorting cars to avoid traffic jams at the entrance. celebrities. The order of arrival puts the evening’s film star’s introduction last. It goes without saying that this is also a highly coveted fashion show for politicians.

Matteo Salvini in Venice 79: red carpet kiss with Francesca Verdini’s girlfriend

Who can walk the red carpet

Director since 2012 Alberto Barbera decided that even the public could walk the red carpet: anyone with a ticket that could be purchased for every show in the Great Hall, with the exception of invitation-only evenings such as openings and closings. There is a certain freedom in the passage, which is controlled by good ministers, who at a certain moment, however, invite you to enter. There are times when access is limited to delegation at the moment. In addition to film protagonists and biennale invitees, there are many guest sponsors, including an exponential number of influencers, as well as representatives of related, philanthropic or cultural initiatives. There’s no shortage of big-name TV faces and famous newcomers, reality TV kids. In the case of significant individuals, the presence is communicated informally so that photographers can be ready to shoot. Sometimes attendance comes as a surprise, this happened in 2021 with Alessia Bonaria nurse symbol of the fight against Covid, who received a special award “Diva and Woman”.

Autographs and hugs from fans

The ritual of a star surrendering to fans is very popular with fans and the star herself. Some warn ceremonials that they will devote time to autographs, photographs, hugs. The image remained in the history of cinema. Tom Cruise what makes a person feel embarrassed Nicole Kidman on the carpet and rushes among the fans, signing autographs for forty minutes. They take the task seriously Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Timothée Chalamet The open back dress has been the talk of the day for days. In the event that the star prolongs the moment, making the next delegation wait indefinitely, a kind collaborator will join in to kindly signal that it is time to continue.

Alice Rohrwacher and JR Special Musical Red Carpet at the Lido

Flash mobs and protests

At Mostra, always attentive to the reality of the world, the red carpet is also the site of protests, flash mobs, symbolic presence and absence. For many years, municipal employees staged protest marches on the Lido. in 2019, a protest by environmentalists shouting #WeWantTheRedCarpet, this year on Saturday, September 2, a flash mob is planned in solidarity with the Iranian people in connection with the condemnation of the director Said Rustai. And then there are small shows prepared by productions, for example, Peasant sermonrealized Alice Rohrwacher, a special musical red carpet with a “funeral” orchestra. WITH Hole Michelangelo Frammartino Cavers paraded their overalls and equipment.

Venice 78. “Hole” on the red carpet of cavers yesterday and today. Director: “You go to the cave to think about time”

from our correspondent Chiara Ugolini

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