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Jose M. Amoros

Several of Spain’s best athletes, coaches and medical staff have teamed up with the Spanish Olympic Committee’s Maternity and Sports Committee to write List of proposals submitted to the IOC to benefit athletes who have recently become mothers in the next major international events. IOC Athletes Commission member Pau Gasol will be responsible for taking the proposals to Olympism’s top body.

They hope to realize this great request at the 2024 Paris Olympics, Athletes will petition the International Olympic Committee to allow babies aged 0 to 18 months into the Olympic Village and Olympic sports facilities. Currently, only athletes are allowed in because children are not certified and mothers must stay away from them during games. For example, Ona Carbonell celebrates son Kai’s first birthday with video call From Tokyo Village:

Once this goal is achieved, Adequate venues and facilities will be required to allow lactating athletes to breastfeed. Spend the two weeks with your kids during the Olympics. An example of a daycare-like environment provided by experts. Likewise, there is a proposal to include a pediatric specialist in the hospital set up in the Olympic Village, one of the novelties of the Paris 2024 Games.

In addition to the Paris Olympics, the Commission will recommend that the IOC lead implementation at the international level World rankings frozen for different sports federations Athletes during pregnancy and postpartum up to their first competition.In this case, search Avoid cases like that of American tennis player Serena Williams Dropped from the top of the WTA rankings to over 400th.

Taking care of babies during training

Other requirements approved by the committee are more related to athletes’ daily lives: Create a nursery or infant care service in a high-performance center Or a training facility for athletes, who spend much of their day on courts, pools and venues preparing for their goals.

The Fertility and Sports Committee is composed of several of the best Spanish athletes of recent years, some of whom have been mothers during their sporting careers. Chaired by international multi-medal winner Ona Carbonell, the membership includes such luminaries as Maialen Chourraut, Teresa Portela, Teresa Perales, Alejandra Quereda and Isabel Macías.

Jose M. Amoros

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