Spot Rai Women’s Day 2023

It is centered around a strong message for social lo Rai commercial for 8 March 2023International Women’s Day: gender equality.

This year, in fact, to celebrate what is commonly called Women’s Day, Rai has launched a institutional campaign entitled “Same and together” created by the Communication Department, with an on-air spot on all the brand’s television and radio channels, as well as on RaiPlay, starting from Saturday 4 March and until Wednesday 8 March.

Rai commercial for Women’s Day 2023

Shot in the spaces of Rome Convention Center “The Cloud”, scenographic building by architect Massimiliano Fuksas, the spot opens with a shot of the feet of a woman walking, with her back to the video camera, towards an escalator.

Screenshot from Twitter Rai Press Office Profile

Screenshot from Twitter Rai Press Office profile

The moment he reaches for it, he realizes that the escalator turns in reverse and, after a few moments of surprise, begins to climb it with determination and not without some difficulty which also forces her to return to the starting point to start the climb again.

Meanwhile, a few sentences appear: «Lower wages», «Poor family protection», «gender stereotypes».

Rai Gender Equality Spot Women's Day 2023

Screenshot of Rai commercial for International Women’s Day 2023. Source: Rai website – Press Office.

At this point, on the escalator on which the woman is, and also on the two side ones that rotate in the same directionwe see other women, of all ages and of different ethnic groups, undertaking the same mission: «Women have to work harder to get where they deserve» we read in the meantime.

The fatigue and difficulty of going up the escalator in the opposite direction are thus the metaphor of what women have to face every day in the current social context and underline the commitment still necessary to conquer really the gender equality.

Rai Women's Day 2023 campaign

Screenshot of Rai advert for Women’s Day 2023. Source: Rai website – Press Office.

When the woman finally shown from the first seconds of the Rai commercial for International Women’s Day 2023 reaches the end of the escalator, she is seen smiling, because, as shown in the closing, a few seconds before the appearance of the logos, «A fairer world for women. A better world for everyone».

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