Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama gets praise from Rachel Nichols, but it won’t make LeBron James happy

San Antonio Spurs star rookie Victor Wembunyama has a higher ceiling than LeBron James, according to Rachel Nichols.

San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama begins his NBA career. Most recently, Bunyama reached a career high in a road win over the Phoenix Suns, scoring 38 points against his childhood idol Kevin Durant to lift the Spurs into the 2023-24 season. The record improved to 3 wins and 2 losses.

An epic performance by Wembanyama attracted attention Experts from across the country, including Rachel Nichols, gave an eye-opening perspective on the debate on FS1 Undisputed.

“Victor Wembanya’s ceiling is higher than David Robinson, Shaq and LeBron,” Nichols said. “He can make the LeBron Jordan argument.”

The upper limit for anyone is higher Objectively speaking, LeBron James is a hard sell, especially considering that, despite all his physical attributes, James has staked his claim to being the best player of this generation (and likely ever) due to his basketball IQ. The greatest player.

Still, if someone guided lab scientists to build optimized NBA players, the end result might look a lot like Victor Wembanyama. At 7-foot-4, no defender on the planet can block or even contest the rookie’s jump shot. In contrast, Wembunyama never saw an opponent’s jumper that he didn’t think he could block.

With these skills intact, and considering the French phenom is still only 19 years old, it’s not hard to imagine him ascending to the ranks of NBA superstars when the dust settles. However, saying he has a higher ceiling than LeBron James might be a little premature.

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