star managers want them to be as far away as possible

Harry and Megan, according to what royal sources report, they would turn into scorched earth around. In fact, no personality belonging to show business matters, namely the personality Hollywoodwish they were there, and that’s for a simple reason: whenever I Dukes of Sussex cited in newspapers causes some controversy. Star agents would advise their clients to avoid contact with Harry and Megan.

“Harry and Megan are looking for a home in Malibu, they want to live closer to Los Angeles and Hollywood”

Harry, Meghan and neighbor: “I wanted to greet him, they didn’t appreciate it.” Irritable reaction

Harry and Megan they had to find their kingdom Hollywood and instead, none of that happened. Since, in fact, these two released hot statements about The Royal Familythrough documentaries, interviews or books, no one, from Steven Spielberg as Ellen DeGeneres, from Oprah Winfrey (who did not invite them to his birthday) to a neighbor Rob LoweI would like around Dukes of Sussex. The stars will receive a warning from their manager and this matter will become even more aggravated after the rejection of Joe Biden transport them from London garlic United States on boardBoard number one. Pierre of Hollywood stars would be sure that Harry and Megan they could spoil the product (movie, music, advertisement) with their claims.

Hollywood would have preferred William and Kate

Right now the world Hollywood I would have preferred much more restrained Princes of Walesthat is William and Kate. Indeed, in the event that, for example, there should be a presentation of a movie on Londonwelcome on the red carpet will surely be princes, not dukes.

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