Stars who left the city for the countryside

When we want to relax, we mere mortals watch movies. Or we are reading a book. They are her Hollywood superstars – Instead, they raise chickens and loosen the ground. It may sound strange – and, frankly, a little… – but it’s true nonetheless: Hollywood has rediscovered the therapeutic power of nature and more and more actors leave the city to move to live in countryside. In fact, the pace here is less frantic, the places lost enough to confuse selfie-seeking fans, not to mention that nature has the power to reunite us with ourselves. The best for those who always have to “go out” into themselves, put themselves in the place of other people. Thus, more and more VIPs are following the trail of a double life: professional, elite and red carpet, and then another very private and devoted to pastoral entertainment. Don’t believe? Here are the names of VIP compatriots.

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Johnny Depp

Libel case filed against ex-wife Amber Heard Johnny Depp he packed his things and left for the English countryside. Destination: Somerset. Here the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” owns a mega-house (rural life is good, but no one refuses a villa …), immersed in greenery. “In Somerset, I can be myself,” Depp explained in an interview with the magazine. Somerset Life“I can go shopping without being surrounded by people who want to take selfies. In general, I don’t mind if people want an autograph or want to chat, but that changes when I spend time alone with my family.” According to him, the British are “very cool” because they know how to be friendly without overdoing it.

Jennifer Aniston

Ever since he bought his mega-home surrounded by greenery in Bel Air in 2015, love has blossomed between them. Jennifer Aniston and… chickens. The actress has a personal chicken coop, which is an integral part of her daily routine: waking up (at 4.30 in the morning!), Washing and meditating for 20 minutes, the star Friends he eats eggs kindly offered by his hens. It seems to be a panacea. “We use their eggs every day,” the actress confirmed. People“We make omelettes, carbonaras and salads.” As for the chickens, globe he assured: “These are very special animals and they appreciate it when you go to visit them in the morning as soon as they wake up.”

Russell Crowe

If Jennifer Aniston sympathizes with eggs, chicks and hens, Gladiator Russell Crowe instead focuses on Black Angus. He would have over 700 on his Nana Glen ranch in Australia.

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Jennifer Garth

Do you remember Kelly, the legendary star of Beverly Hills 90210? The Brenda-Luc-Kelly triangle has made generations dream, as has the breathtaking location of their very wealthy homes. However, apparently its interpreter Jennifer Garth prefers a more bucolic lifestyle. Since 2013, i.e. after divorce from husband Peter FacinelliJennifer moved to live on a ranch in Los Olivos, California with her three children. The estate is surrounded by nature and inhabited by many animals: not only dogs, but also horses and piglets.

Mark Ruffalo

Real super power Mark Ruffalo he always dreamed of what his maternal great-grandfather had: a green thumb. TO Vanity Fairstar Avengers he says he enjoyed “watching his great-grandfather’s hoe, even if he wouldn’t let me get close.” So, as an adult, he made his dream a reality: his country house in Suliwan County is a giant outdoor garden where he grows tomatoes, asparagus, melons, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, apricots. His secret ingredient? “Rabbit poop: the best fertilizer.”

Julia Roberts

You want to live healthy. Your husband loves organic too. What are you doing? Simple. If you are Julia Roberts (which means you have the same income) you buy yourself a farm and produce everything you need yourself. More or less, this is the kind of reasoning that would sway a star into buying a huge farm in Santa Fe, New Mexico. TO Tastefully, tastefully, stylishly Roberts explained, “We live in a world where fresh food and organic food is a luxury, so if we have that luxury, I want to take advantage of it for my family.” In particular, she added that her husband is “a very healthy and environmentally conscious person, which is why we grow vegetables at home and raise chickens for eggs.”

Salma Hayek

More than a busy life. For years Salma Hayek left town to live on his Washington DC mega ranch. A place protected from the paparazzi and indiscreet fans, but also helping you make a greener and healthier choice. “The most delicious food and vegetables you can eat are the ones you plant yourself… or plant with your children,” she said. Hello!. His own daughter would also persuade her to join Movement of millions of gardens: A movement that encourages people to grow their own food by planting seeds in their own garden or balcony.

Helen Mirren

We can not include in the list Helen Mirren, also for local reasons. The famous Oscar winner actually bought a farmhouse in Puglia, more specifically in Tiggiano: a tiny village in Salento. She bought it many years ago with her husband. Taylor Hackford, and hides here every time he wants to pass out. By now, it feels at home among the residents, and proof of how integrated it is is the famous video that Mirren made a couple of years ago with Cecco Zalone: Vaccine.

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