Step-by-step application for free flu shot

August 15, 2023 – 14:09
Vaccines are safe, free, and conducive to taking care of the health of the elderly. Learn how to access it step by step.

The Integrated Health Care Program (Pami) is responsible for providing free vaccinations to social work retirees. Together with the National Ministry of Health, they are responsible for coordinating the procurement and distribution of vaccines across agencies, provinces and cities.

Likewise, social work offers an extensive list of free medications called Vademecum. Affiliates that do not have sufficient resources to pay for outpatient medicines at discounted prices due to social vulnerability can receive a social subsidy covering 100% of the cost.

What vaccinations?

From April, the 2023 influenza and pneumonia vaccination campaign will be fully launched across the country. Members can get vaccinated at more than 6,000 authorized pharmacies in the Pami Network. Vaccines are safe, free, and conducive to taking care of the health of the elderly.

These vaccines cover the flu variants that circulate in the fall and winter, including:

anti-flu vaccine

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (Pneumococcus 13)

Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (Pneumo 23)

PAMI: How to get vaccinated for free?

1. Check which pharmacies are authorized by the Pami Network, or go to any authorized medical center nationwide.Enter in the pharmacy search engine

2. People over the age of 65 only need to show their ID card and Pami ID card.

How to get free medicines?

To get free medicines, you don’t need to go through anything, all you need to do is show:

National Identity Document (DNI).

PAMI certificate.

Electronic or celestial prescriptions.

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